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Thread: Song stuck in your head?

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    Default Song stuck in your head?

    (I know a similar thread has been up before, but the thread is closed, so fair game, right?)

    Right now, I cannot get "...All the Go Inbetweens," by the Silversun Pickups, out of my head. However, for once I don't mind the ailment. It is such an epic song: an almost 8 minute experience of swirling guitar, sharp hooks and a thumping, driving beat. Perfect. (IMHO)

    What's rattling around in your head?

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    INNERPARTYSYSTEM - "Last Night In Brooklyn"
    The line "Come through the door. A darkened room. She draws white lines to set the mood" keeps replaying in my head. :/

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    Lately Still Alive from the video game Portal keeps playing in my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onecho View Post
    "...All the Go Inbetweens," by the Silversun Pickups
    Awesome, they're pretty cool. I've got "Tunnel Vision" by We Shot The Moon in my head, kinda weird since I've been listening to mostly hardcore lately

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    Right now it's "Cherubino's Aria" by Adya & Geisha. The Tosh.0 Bog featured the music video under the title of "Some People Deserve To Be Famous, Part Two". The first time I saw the video, I thought it was hilarious. Then, I became addicted to it.

    You can find the video here: Adya & Geisha - Cherubino's Aria

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    Monument by Fates Warning. That intro, with its awesome bass line, echoey guitars, and calm vocals...

    There's a blind desire
    There's a drive
    There's a need to leave some lasting feat
    Something to hold
    Something to keep
    A monument to complete...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroWolf View Post
    Great Ave Maria cover. I have this band of horses song in my head
    YouTube - Band of Horses - The Funeral

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    I saw Suckerpunch last night before it's release today because my friends work at the theater and the Bjork - Army of me (suckerpunch remix) is stuck in my head now. That movie was AWESOME!!!!

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