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Thread: Waist size question.

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    Default Waist size question.

    Alright....well i'm considering saving up the money for a more expensive diaper since i'm out. But one thing that I was kind of unsure about with my last ones was if size was maybe too here is my question: If i'm about a size 40-42ish and the top of a diapers waist size is 44...should i just go up a size to the next one?

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    Definitely. Two inches does not exactly leave much room to play with. Tapes do slip a little. You want a decent degree of overlap.

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    Consider ordering a "sample pack" from the vendor so you'll know for sure before spending all the money for a case of diapers that you are unhappy with.

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    okay...since plhg made me think of the possibility that i might be unhappy with the diapers i'm getting....i have a new question: Are Bambino Classico's good?

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    Yes! All Bambino's I find wonderful to wear and they hold up well. I regularly use a diaper cover with them, such as a velcro PUL diaper cover or pull up waterproof pants.

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    Default's another question: How long do they often take to get them to you if you don't pay for faster shipping?

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    Sample Pack: 2-3 days USPS.

    Larger Orders: Up to a week.

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