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Thread: Demons souls, raising the bar for RPG's?

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    Default Demons souls, raising the bar for RPG's?

    Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3 - Demon's Souls English Wiki
    one thing you die ALOT. in this game but the realism in terms of detail. and attention to spatial restrictions is EXCELLENT.

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    A quality game, one of the most difficult I've played in regards to getting the playstyle right. One of the few where just going in swinging will get you killed, every time.
    That said, I still consider it a heavy action game with RPG elements. I look forward to a sequel being made, although I don't know if there are plans for one.

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    It is a great game in my opinion. Definitely a recommended game from me. Just the difficulty was a nice thing to have, since most games these days tend to be on the easier side to cater to the more casual crowd.

    A sequel is set in place, it's called Dark Souls Dark Souls: The Basics - PlayStation 3 Feature at IGN You can read a little about it there.

    Also, 100th post. =D

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    Indeed this was a freaking great game. It made me want to throw my controller more than once, but it was excellently done in all aspects and I'd certainly recommend it unless you don't have a high tolerance for frustration. It certainly doesn't coddle you and presents a nice challenge, which is a welcome change from the direction many other games seem to be heading in. You have to think to win fights. Hacking away without regard to the enemy, surroundings, weapon, etc. will get you killed almost every time, even at the beginning of the game.

    I will say though that the poison spell can be really cheap though (in your favor for once). From my experience, at least one or two major enemies are susceptible to it and you can just poison them with a thief ring equipped, run away to get their attention off you (or just hide behind them so they never see you in the first place), wait while their health goes down, and when the spell runs out, just rinse and repeat until they die. Seems almost like cheating.

    But yes, I would say if you have a PS3, you need to give this game a look. It's older now, so it's pretty cheap too.

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    one thing I liked actually was the detail and attention paiid to weapons and armour physics abd the stamina bar as well.

    the only other game to my memory and sprint distance is affected by weight carried is runescape, were the heavier your gear and the contents of your pack, the faster your sprint runs out.

    its a welcome change,

    also with weapons, FINALLY is there the recognition that most weapons could in theory be used with 2 hands, though this is sually wasted on daggers and rapiers, it goes into its own when using straight and curved swords, and polearms.
    theres also the delightful yet bleedingly obvious fact that NOONE else thought to account for, is that if you swing a 2 meter sword aroundin a 2.5 metre wide hall, likely chance is youll hit the wall, and itll block your stroke. meaning (especially for me since i started as the temple knight, who uses the halberd, 1 handed ths one is REALLY bad indoors, its great 2 handed though yor vulnerable. )

    itsalso cool that a shield can be used more interactively, and that some can bashone can slash, and you can hold, if you like TWO shields. though your just showing off if you do.

    that and they paid attention to range, most games both RTS's and others usually treat meloo weapons as zero range affairs, meaning youll see people , one with a dagger the other with a gaping great sword, hacking at each other standing barely a metre apart.,

    whereas demons souls realises that a guy with a spear or a halberd, can actually keep a person at a distance. whereas someone with a dagger must tangle with them really close. (again really good for me the tower knight. )

    whats also cool is thatdifferent weapons take longer to swing, and consume different amounts of stamina, meaning you can only make maybe 2-3 slashes with a big cleaver, but you can make 5-7 with a falchion or dagger.

    the one area i think theyfailed, was the fact they didnt allow crossbows to be aimed manually. which is a failure, because a crossbows mechnismand the facy it can sit thre loaded all day wile you aim, plus the ability tio add sights if you wish means they can be aimed alot better

    i also like how they kept the weapon selection range fairly simple and limited for each class, wth there eing only 2-6 of eachtype, like 2 extra large swords, maybe 5 daggers 3 spears 4 polearms etc this keeps it simple, and means you simoply improve on these weapons in many different ways

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