I'm not exactly new to this site. I used to go on here a while ago but a lot has happened since I've last posted around here and I wanted to understand myself better before I decided to come back here. In a way I know a lot more about myself now than I did before and I'm learning new things about myself everyday.

So hello everybody! You can call me Snoozy Cat or just Snoozy! I'm still new to exploring the furry side of this community so...uh...hi and whatnot...

Feel free to look in my profile info to learn more about me, I've written a lot more info over there. Basically my sleep schedule is all over the place, I even find myself writing this post very late in the night, or even early in the morning? It is 5:30am so whichever you prefer.

I'm here to talk. I'm here to make more friends. This is me saying hello and I look forward to talking to you!

Now if you'll excuse me....I have to pass out for a couple of hours X_X