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Thread: Pull-ups as a kid?

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    Default Pull-ups as a kid?

    Hey, so I have not seen any related threads so thought it would be okay to post this. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I was wonder how many of you were in pull-ups right after potty training verses not, or remember being put in them as a older kid for day time.

    When I was three I went straight to underwear unfortunately but long story I got to make up for that in 3rd grade. It was your typical teachers who denied restroom privileges and that created some anxiety. It took my parents a while before they decided to send me to 3rd grade with pull-ups. Best DL related memory I pretty much have and probably why I am one today still.

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    From the stories I have heard from my parents I was potty trained at a very young age, not because my parent wanted me to be potty trained, but because I wanted to... I find this kind of strange considering that I am a TB...

    I find it strange that your teacher didn't let you use the restroom, since if you wet yourself while class, it would be more work for the teacher...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimimerkki702 View Post
    I find it strange that your teacher didn't let you use the restroom, since if you wet yourself while class, it would be more work for the teacher...
    Several here have shared similar experiences with teachers not excusing students that have to go and causing accidents. I think what it boils down to is a lot of teachers are not cut out for the job, they aren't a good "people person". They get the idea that students are just doing things to be difficult. So when a student is always asking to go to the restroom they don't understand that for SOME of the students, there's a real reason.

    And then I'd bet it just makes them more bitter when it leads to a student having an accident. (until the parents complain, and then I'm sure they get yelled at by their superintendent, and then there's a chance that doesn't change them and just makes them more bitter and it just spirals downhill)

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    I wet the bed alot as a kid, but don't remember day time accidents, specially in school. remember wearing pull-ups pants a couple of times like when we went out, but not after like age5.

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    i remember when i was around 8 or 9 and i wared a pull up to school and my teacher wouldnt let me go to the toilet and i had to do a number 2 and it smelt bad

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    They didn't have Pull Ups when I was toilet training back in 1980 or so, but I used to steal them like crazy from my neighbor's little brother right after Pull Ups came out in 1990..

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    I potty trained late, wore pullups

    then when i was potty trained i would sneak up to my room and wear pull ups for fun, eventually my mom found where i hide them and that was the end of it.

    She still mentions it and laughs sometimes, if only she knew.

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    i did wear them right after potty training and at night till i was 7 plox my aunt made me wear them at movies till like 2 years ago.

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    I had issues with pooping my pants in 3rd grade. My parents made me wear Pull-Ups to school. I was so paranoid that one day while I was messing with the lock on a stall so that I couldn't be seen, I had an accident and wet the Pull-Up. I went back to class and sat in it all day. Nobody noticed.
    I think that's why I'm A TB/DL.

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    Well i used to be in diapers all the time til i was like 13 cause i couldnt control my bladder. Went into pull ups after that but i wasnt in them for long, was always rushing to the bathroom xD, Wish back then, i felt like i do now, things would be different. But my whole growing up half incontinent thing is probably why im TB now :P

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