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    Metal, Punk, Hardcore, all their various sub genres... largely agressive music by nature. People been moshing for like, three or four decades now. Apparently some folks call it slam dancing. Bascially, a group enthusastic concert-goers get so into the music that they start beating each up. There's even some super rad variations, like circle pits and the wall of death. Oodles of fun too.

    Been to lots of shows and there's been various levels of intensity going. Some Metal bands you just wanna headbang to, while others (like thrash stuff) just makes you wanna get violent. Most of the time its just pushing and shoving and throwing yourself into people, at least at metal shows I've been too. I know the Hardcore scene has more punching and stuff. Hardcore dancing too, which is just marvelous.

    Went to an all ages show last night. Saw Scale the Summit and Periphery. First band is instrumental and the crowd was fairly calm. Second was is more technical screamy stuff, and there was no way I wasn't moshing. So I go in and its lots of fun, but then this dude runs in, lowers his and just starts swinging his fists. I seen Hardcore kids doing their thing before, but never like this guy. He was just going nuts.

    The reason I dig mosh pits is that even though they're violent and agressive and painful, it's a great way to release some energy and animosity and really get into the music. You're pushing these total strangers around, but there's no hate. After the song, you look at the guy that just anihilated you and there's no ill will, it's just like yeah, this is totaly rad and I'm having a great time.

    So this guy is doing whatever, throwing his fists around like a maniac and for the first song I'm too into it to care. Kinda back out of the pit later on and I'm like "okay, whatever, he's just getting into it, whatever makes him happy" but then as it goes on he's hitting people that aren't even in the pit, and he's just swinging too. Not only that, he's standing off to the side, just waiting for the pit to get going, then he runs in and as its done, he runs out. I'm headbanging on the side and I gotta worry about getting decked by astray haymaker everytime it gets a little rowdy.

    Totally aware that in that sort of situation you're going to get banged up. Part of the terrificness of a concerty is not being able to move right for a few days afterwards. But I got major issues with this dude just running in and hitting people. He hit this big guy beisde me a few times and ended up on the floor, but he just kept at it. Eventually I took a shot to the face out of nowhere, turned around and saw the guy and just snapped. Threw him down, guy pulls me off of him and thought it was some dude on staff so I backed off (didn't want to get kicked out or anything). Saw this guy later and realized he wasn't staff at all - usually see some guys around keeping things under control, but I guess there wasn't last night.

    Anyways, this was my first show down in the states, and it was all age so this kid was probably some high schooler anyways just getting all that angst out or something, I dunno. I know Europe isn't so big on the moshing and Canada heard the US is moreso than Canada, so maybe that's it. I just didn't like what this guy was doing at all though. I can enjoy a show moshing, but I didn't come for a fist fight. I'll take a head butt to the face and smile if it's just cause we're rockin out, but to me that's a different story. Some people would disagree though and say pits in general are just stupid.

    So main question if you read through that point / rant is:
    What do you think of moshing? Not alright? Sort of alright? Alright if you're just getting into it? All out war?

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    Why not a poll bro?

    As far as my answer goes, just like in High School when we played Barnyard Basketball with no fouls (Er, think a mix of hockey, football, and basketball in which you may be tripped, body checked, or sickled) as long as everyone knows what they are getting into and no one gets mad about taking a shot, go for it!
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    I remember seeing a pit get dominated by this guy back when I was lifting (nearly 20 years ago). There were a bunch of kids flopping around and having a good time, and there was this one guy just squared up shoulder tackling everyone, knocking the fuck out of these poor kids.

    Well, not only was I pretty stacked at the time (6' 215), but I was also with a couple of my lifting buddies (6'4" 240, and 5'10" 255) and I looked at them and just said "watch my back a minute, I'm going to fix this dude". I came full speed across the pit and leveled his ass, then danced my way back to where we were standing on the edge and enjoying the music. He got up, shook off, one of his friends pointed me out as the guy who blindsided him, and he started to come at me - then stopped when he saw the amount of beef he was up against.

    Same kind of bullying shit as goes on in middle school, really. Someone just needs to get their ass knocked down and they'll learn some manners.

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