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Thread: Cute Binki's

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    Default Cute Binki's

    Hey just wanted to post, I think these are the cutest little paci's... if anyone else knows of some really cute ones feel free to post images!

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    Those creep me out tbh. It looks like an old school rape face or something.

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    Those are some of the Keep It Kleen pacifiers I posted about before. The animal ones are probably forty times cuter to me. I really am not too fond of the butterfly/ladybug ones...the faces kind of creep me out.

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    I would never use those. They look like they breathe poorly and the images are just... creepy.

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    i like the furry ones on nuk5 paifierrs i think is the name but thouse just look odd

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    I think they're quite cute. Interesting design though...haven't seen that type before...

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    Oh, I love these pacifiers! They are made by Razbaby. I have one, but it's a penguin:

    They also do cat ones, which I would just love:

    Unfortunately though they don't exist in the UK - a friend of mine bought my penguin one as a present when she went to America. So no cat paci for me

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    I...need...that.....KITTY PACIFIER OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I love that, it's the cutest thing EVER.

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