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Thread: question to help me eased the hint to my mom

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    Default question to help me eased the hint to my mom

    how do i wet my pants for my way to overprotective mother would not flip out when me and her go to buy diapers how should I approached this whole thing???:cryhankie:

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    Ummm.. you don't.

    Seriously, no one here knows your mother like you do. If you think she's going to flip out over it, then it's more than likely a bad idea. Chances are she'll take you to the doctor - not buy you diapers. And when the doctor finds nothing wrong with you then you'll be in a whole world of trouble. I say, just wait until you can get some diapers yourself.

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    Terrible idea that could backfire in a million and one ways. Like Lukie says, just get them yourself.

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    Fake wetting isn't the way to get diapers...Especially if you have a mother that will rip out your heart...She probably wouldn't even buy them for you...First she would probably think it was just an accident...Then she would probably take you to the doctor if you continue...Then you would have to go through tests...Then maybe you will get diapers, but she would probably get crappy pull ups or something...It's really not worth it...Those emotes aren't all that relevant >.>

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    To me fakeing bed wetting is by far the worst thing one could ever do. As many have said on this site it will most likely end up in test that will prove your fakeing. DON"T DO IT. Just wait, are maybe if you can order online, that is if you mom dose not snoop though your mail. I wish you luck with what ever you try.


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    Yeah I'm going to side with Pojo and Lukie. Fake wetting will get someone into diapers maybe 0.001% of the time. Meaning that there is no way that your mother will go "Oh you had an accident lets put you in nappies because you obviously need them, no questions asked".

    She will most likely react badly after its happened a few times, if she doesn't freak out the first time. Sorry to sound mean but unfortunately reality isn't a storybook.

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    or do you think i just should walk around when she's home with a pacifier in my mouth and partly leave a diaper when I have some out in the open and wear one when she sees the one partly out she probably what is this then come over to me a pull the covers down seeing me only in a t-shirt and a diaper

    what if your mom works as payroll for a hospital and I don't have a job or a creit card to buy online and when i want something io have to run it by her before she gives the thumbs up for i can get it

    or she could go on after I buy them on her card and check to see what i bought

    so telling her straight out is way out of the ball park
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    Post once, only once. Double, triple, or quadruple posting is frowned upon here.

    Like everyone else said, it's a bad idea. If you are going to be buying things with her card then tell her the truth, or wait until your old enough to buy them yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by occkid89 View Post
    so telling her straight out is way out of the ball park
    But you want to let her find you in a nappy with a pacifer in your mouth. I'm probably going to cop some flak for this but.... Are you serious? Are you seriously contemplating telling her or showing her your a AB just because you think it will get you diapers?

    Really telling your parents is generally a really bad idea. It will most likely just end up with you have a lot of visits too the shrink. Please save yourself a lot of hurt and just wear in private. Bike to a pharmacy or shop if your really in need of them, surely you get pocket money?

    P.s You can reply to more than one reply per post.

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