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Thread: Question About Diuretics

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    Question Question About Diuretics

    What's the best one? I've found Gatorade seems to be a great one but is there something to make me lose control? I don't want to be IC, I want something that will make me wet hard.

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    I don't piddle much, so my magic combo is switching off between Gatorade, water, and energy drinks all day, and lots of it!

    It's going to be different for everyone

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    There isn't a way to make you "lose control" without potentially damaging yourself. Just drink a lot of water. :]

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    If I'm not mistaken drinking a lot of water is potentially harmful to you, and not just to your bladder...

    If I remember correctly Cranberry juice is supposed to be a good diuretic. I could have if confused without something else though. =(

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    Any commonly available fruit juice (apple, cranberry, grape, etc.) can be used as a sufficient diuretic. However, it is possible to drink too much though (it is difficult to do without throwing up); and not only will you be peeing like a racehorse, you may suffer from an overdose of some vitamins provided in said fruit juice.

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    Incontinence from too much drinking is pretty much impossible - those pesky sphincter muscles are pretty solid. Not many things actually cause diuresis specifically, other than maybe a lot of caffeine. However, caffeine will also make you tense and you won't be able to relax your bladder as easily. Your best bet is just what the others have said, drink a lot of liquids, and make sure you're not just drinking pure water.

    You shouldn't have a problem from too many vitamins if you drink regular fruit juice; vitamin A is the most dangerous one and even then you'd need a buttload of it and unfortified fruit juice shouldn't have enough to cause problems. The juice is also better than pure water if you're going to drink TONS of it - pure water can mess up your sodium levels and get you in real trouble. But to do that you'd need liter after liter after liter of water.

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    Drink a pot of tea and chase it with a pint of water. Guaranteed to make you piddle like the dickens.

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    I drink cranberry juice and water and it works quite well. You can drink to much. Remember that your cells function by osmosis and there most be a balance between water and salt. If you drink to much water, there will be an imbalance and your cells will explode, causing death. The same thing is true if you drink salt water. That would be even worse.

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    Caffeine or alcohol (if you're of age) will both increase the urge to urinate, though they don't affect volume. The simplest way to affect volume is to drink lots of water. Increased volume will also increase urge.

    As a practical matter, unless you start downing multiple liters of water, you're not going to cause health problems from drinking too much water. The daily recommended intake for an adult is ~1-2 L per day; problems happen when you exceed that significantly, especially within a shorter time-frame than a whole day.

    Really, it depends on what you're looking for and how patient you are. If you're looking to completely lose control, that's not necessarily within the realm of common non-medical items and reasonable safety, but if you're looking to simply have such a full bladder and urge that you'll flood easily, then just double whatever amount of coffee you normally drink and then chase it with .5L to 1L of water. Within 1-2 hours, you'll be flooding, and probably multiple times at that.

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    Drink brewed tea.

    It contains a natural, safe diuretic called theophylline. In higher doses, its used to treat respiratory illness, but in low-doses it flushes you out. Try it when you have some spare diapers and a day to experiment.

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