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Thread: Things, ideas, words, situations, that make you laugh inside because your a DL.

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    Default Things, ideas, words, situations, that make you laugh inside because your a DL.

    Not sure if this is the right place for such.

    Anyway..sometimes I hear certain words or sayings that make me laugh inside.
    For example.
    "Aww man, my bread is soggy"
    Seeing the "Wet lab" in photo lab.
    Applying any kind of "padding" to protect something.
    Hearing in public "excuse me, where is the restroom?"
    Or gosh your car is "messy"

    Anyone hear anything else that reminds you of it?

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    I'm a member of a "vanilla" IRC room that a few other ADISC members are on. We actually have a parallel chanel only for the ADISCers, where we make inside jokes on a rather regular basis .

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    My science teacher (because she's Irish) says stop messing around really funny. Age just says "stop messing!"
    It's SOO funny and I'm Like inside (("hehe, if only you knew what that really meant"))

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    Quote Originally Posted by onecho View Post
    Definitely "padded/padding". Also, anytime I hear "accident".
    You've reminded me of a joke from the star wars robot chicken commentaries. One guy says totally seriously "I always keep a pad by the side of my bed incase I wake up and get any ideas". And the other guy says "yeh, and some lotion!". XD I was laughing so hard at this! The way he said it.

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    Usually when I hear words like padding, messy, ect.
    But I have two favorite times that just make me giggle on the inside.

    First is when I'm in math and their using A/B instead of X/Y =p
    My second is a more recent one. I was watching an episode of Modern Marvels with my mum the other day, and it was on colossal foods (giant pizza and whatnot).
    It gets to an ale called American Bastard, which is about the size of 6 1/2 regular beers into one bottle.
    She turns to me... and says this: "Man, I'd love an AB. Its so expensive though." I almost started laughing x3
    ^ Above two aren't strictly a DL thing, just a funny bit I'd like to mention 'cause being a DL, I know what they are :p
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    Not strictly related to DL shenanigans, but during school P.E. lessons the word 'bib' would be thrown around a lot when we'd play football.

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    If I play Rock Band and get a vocal phrase wrong the streak indicator will say "messy". Kind of awkward when I think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScienceDog View Post
    If I play Rock Band and get a vocal phrase wrong the streak indicator will say "messy". Kind of awkward when I think about it. quick wit. Never made that connection, and thanks to you, now I always will. I've pretty much given up on that game. I got really good at 'medium' but never could make the leap to 'hard'. Damn useless pinky! You're dead to me!

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    Not sure if it has to do with my *B/DL side but I enjoy seeing little kid's reactions to teasing =p

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    Any time a friend mentions that they need to go "get changed", I giggle inside. Or when someone says they were so scared they almost peed their pants.

    Sometimes I do giggle and then look over at my fiance . . . and I can tell what's going through her head: "I know what you're thinking you dirty boy."

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