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Thread: Greetings From New DL in VA

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    Thumbs up Greetings From New DL in VA

    Hey everyone Wow, what a place!

    I just discovered I'm a new DL within the last few weeks, & after extensive online researching finally came across the best place for info/support... here!

    I'm a married middle-age guy with grown children, my wife currently out of state with work (she knows nothing at this point).

    I don't know why (I'm a professional in the working world) but I've got this obsession for diapers, and actually using them! No weird childhood experiences or anything that I can remember. Don't know how long it will last or where it will go, but I have it now. Any folks of like mind in my neck of the woods, hollar.

    I look forward to perusing this site!

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    Glad too see you rate this Forum so well Welcome and enjoy your stay.
    Feel free to ask any questions you have regarding it all as we have quite a variety of people with all different tastes floating about :P

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    Interesting how you discovered your DL-ism so late in life. Are you planning on telling your wife about it?

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC. And have fun.

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    Welcome! Good to see another Virginian. We're going to take over the world!

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    Are you planning on telling your wife about it?
    Uh, not yet. We have recently confided in each others unknown fetishes, which actually matched, but I ain't so sure she'll bite this one!

    BTW, is there Anyone 'old' in this group, like 30 & over?? Oh, & I really look like I'm 25, not

    Mav, I see most are in their teens & early 20's. Why do you think that is??
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    Seems like we've gotten a few older members lately, though you're right, most of us are in our teens or early 20s. You may or may not know that this site used to be, which obviously would attract younger people (teen babies). So although the name no longer implies we're a teen site, I'm sure we still have quite a few people from the tbdl days and those people invite their friends who are the same age. Anyway as of Friday I will officially be in my MID-20s, thank you.

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    Welcome to the site! Judging by your profile pic I'm guessing you're a pilot -- if so then that's certainly a great profession to pair with a diaper fetish :P

    But like daria said. About six months ago ADISC was renamed from TBDL because our administrator decided it was time to target a wider audience. We have legitimate people as old as 59 on here, though most of us are still teens/early 20s because we came from TBDL.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here. You may find that a lot of people here are wise for their age, and we're debating the possibility of diaper fetishism/infantilism being somehow linked to a high IQ or high technical skills - so much even that nearly everybody helps out in the "Computer and Games" forum, and many people here are programmers or otherwise advanced computer users (I myself use Linux and program in PHP). It's a weird association but we're bound determined to figure it out Anyways have a great time and welcome once again to the boards.


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    Welcome! Good to see another Virginian. We're going to take over the world!
    Bah! We New Yorkers have been wayyyy ahead of ya, buddy!! Ha!

    I find it interesting you find your diaperness late in life, as well. Hope you find your lifelong answer, with our help of course ^.^!

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