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    Wink Doom

    Does anyone still play Id Software's well known software titles "Doom" and "Doom II" ? I sure do, because I love the huge community, the source code for the engine is out thus one can add their own stuff to their own source port for people to enjoy, the tens of thousands of addon maps available to play due to the availability of numerous map editors and others.

    Being involved in the community since 1996, I have made a number of maps (at least 30 or so, found on /idgames/) and contribute to an open source random map generator called Oblige (Under credits as Mr. Chris).

    I also have a bunch of Doom videos on my Youtube page, so please check them out if you still like the game.

    On top of all of this, Doom and Doom II can still be purchased on Steam for a low $10, not to mention Doom turns 18 this December!

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    I loved the original Doom games! Didnt much care for Doom 3 though. Thankfully id software has said that Doom 4 will go back to its roots. So I'm looking forward to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBlue26 View Post
    I loved the original Doom games! Didnt much care for Doom 3 though. Thankfully id software has said that Doom 4 will go back to its roots. So I'm looking forward to that.
    A slight bump, but yes I can agree on that...I hope it's as moddable as all its previous games are.

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    I have played Doom 3, and that was one freaky scary game to play alone in the dark, by yourself!! I have also played the old school Doom 1 as well. Good games.

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    Doom is still one of my Favourite Classic games to play ^_^

    i also carry a legal copy of a doom1 and 2 .wad on my PSP together with a copy of PSP-Legacy ^_^

    (though, i technically still need to find a copy of an original Heretic and Hexen disk >.>

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    Hmm I played Doom on NewGrounds and Kongregate (I think) they did a flash game of it
    but It's kinda hard for me not using the mouse and not looking up and down (as I am one of the new generation gamers out there XD)

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    I recently downloaded the games, I love them a lot. I played the shareware version of it when I was three. I remember being afraid to play the second level. (Don't ask my why, but I was terrified of playing through it.) I would just sit there at the beginning of the stage, staring at the screen... It was rather interesting.

    Anyways, I have Ultimate Doom and Doom II, but I haven't beat Doom II yet.

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    Heheh. I still own my old floppy disks for Doom. xD I bought the CDs for them when Doom 3 came out - they had 'em in a collectors set, and Doom 3 itself, while not amazing, was still pretty good considering how long it had been between games. Doom 4, I hope, will be fucking awesome - because I really want it to be! >:U

    Still... hard to think that it's been 18 years almost!! I hope that in another two years they come out with an anniversary edition

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    Wow I haven't hear about Doom for years... I used to play this all of the time in late '90s, and I even remembered making few of my own maps as well. It was fun at the time.

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