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Thread: My re introduction.

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    Default My re introduction.

    Hi guys, i have been on here for a while but mainly lurking in recent months due to coming home drunk one night, coming on here and having a pathetic arguement with a few members (this was a few months ago) and to be honest i felt like an idiot and was too ashamed to really be part of the community after that (My rep also took a beating)

    Basically i am from the UK (Scotland) and have had an interest in nappies/diapers what ever you wanna call them since i was 13 mainly. I always had a sorta inclin but never an interest if you know what i mean.

    I took me honestly years before i got my first pack of nappies but when i did i got it in a... well different way. I had them sent to a friend who told me she was willing to take reciept of them and keep them at hers where i could go to use them/chill out/roleplay whatever she also told me that she was up for participating in my interest which i was astounded by (believe it or not it did happen.).

    My interest are mainly of the radio controlled model side of things with the occasional xbox, i have 2 stroke and also nitro models and love them to bits great fun they are.

    The main thing i am after from this site is just a place to talk to people, like me and discuss things i can't really openly discuss with anyone else (other than the person mentioned before). I really hope my second round on here goes better than the first and i apologise for being such a knob the first time i was here.

    Cheers folks.

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    welcome back mate, and the part about his friend who kept them is true, i remember that conversation a while back now

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