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Thread: kung fu diapers

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    Default kung fu diapers

    the other day at martial arts the instructor said that we would be doing bladder shots and that we should wear diapers to karate tommorow. so we were pretty much doing the form and hitting eachother in the bladder with two fingers. every time we did we peed our pants we did the form over and over. has anyone else had this experience

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    Default I never did get into martial arts, but I can't imagine hitting a mugger in the bladder and making them pee themselves. I wonder if it would be effective at driving them off?

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    I did karate, but never have I heard of this before!

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    I dont get it !!
    Topic says Kung Fu and then you mention Karate ?!
    I've practiced Kung Fu for several years and never heard of such thing like bladder shots (as you call it).
    Wich martial art do you practice afterall ?
    Or was this just a little fantasy about martial arts in diapers ?

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    Give the kid a chance to explain himself. It's pretty outlandish, granted, but...

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    Two things about this seem off to me:
    I suspect the amount of force needed to force someone to urinate is sufficient to severely injure fingers
    I cannot see any purpose behind such a technique

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    It studied Uechi-ryu which is an Okinawan karate based on Pangai-noon and it was heavy on self-defense and practicality and did not have as much of the artistic and impractical moves incorporated in modern American Tae Kwon Do. We never did anything like this either and it doesn't seem to be a very practical technique.

    I wouldn't deny that it could be possible to make another person pee themselves by hitting them in just the right spot on the bladder but knowing what I do about how damaging a single well placed kidney shot can be I hardly believe that repeated blows to the bladder would be a safe thing to be practicing on each other.

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    interesting, ive heard of bladder shots before and Im not even in martial arts.

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    Oh really.

    It seems kinda fake. I think you would need a lot of force to damage the bladder to wet yourself. Also you would be hurting your fingers if you tried it. I smell BS.

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