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Thread: Easy 360 gamerscore games?

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    Default Easy 360 gamerscore games?

    I am looking to cheaply boost my 360 gamerscore to a higher number than it is now. As to why I want to do that, I really cannot explain. Of course, I will still be going for the tough gamerscores like Star Ocean and Record of Agarest War, but I want a nice large number just because it looks awesome.

    I already know about Avatar - The Burning Earth. I already have done Harm's Way. I have access to GameFly (yeah, they refunded my money, and I have it set up now with a different card), so I am looking to use it to be an achievement whore.

    What are some of the easiest 360 retail games to get 1,000 points on?

    Heh, I will draw the line and say I won't do The Hannah Montana Movie game for this purpose.

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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is an easy-ish, 6-8hr 1000GS that doesn't suck.

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    Heh, I noticed Star Ocean - The Last Hope was not on the list of "worst games to boost gamerscore". I would have easily put that on there.

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    Assassins Creed 2. The game just throws gamerscore at you. You can get 960/1000 extremely easily. Just playing through the story gets you 750 iirc. The only hard ones are those relating to the Auditore cape and getting all the feathers.

    Oh, and it's a fairly fun game as well.

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    From my experience, the CoD games are easier to get a complete gamer score on, Single player games like Mass Effect and the CSI games are VERY easy to get a complete GS if you follow a guide.

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    WET is a easy game, along with Midnight Club LA

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    Elder scrolls oblivion. I did it in an afternoon with one character, though I had to make another to get the final achievement in the shivering isles expansion. (you need to go to the shivering isles, and become duke of opposite "sides" which is imposable with one character without saving and restarting... and I ruined my chance the first time) anyhow, in a day or two, I boosted my Gamerscore by 1250. You may want to get some experience (you, not your character) in how things work, tricks to surviving, etc. And, there's also the dupe glitch if you're out for some very quick cash and, in turn, armor with buffs.

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