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Thread: Happy St. Patty's Day!

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    Default Happy St. Patty's Day!

    Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day. As for me, I'm going out later for beer and fun with friends downtown and enjoy the night. And no I did not start drinking at 5:30am like the college kids did. WAY to early for me to booze it.

    Everyone be safe, and enjoy the holiday.


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    Two of my friends and I were refused entry to a pub because apparently a passport isn't sufficiently official ID. But I wasn't too bothered about it since unlike them I don't drink, the pubs charge ridiculous prices for soft drinks, and otherwise it was a good day so far.

    Oh, except the parade. There wasn't even any floats! It was freezing and I had to wait and watch it because my one of my friend's younger brother was in it. But that's pretty much expected by this stage.
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    Don't get pinched! XD

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    I've been wearing green all day since the night before. XD No one is getting the drop on me for pinching shenanigans.

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    I remember back in elementary school when we had St. Patty's Day and the teachers had set up a surprise for us. The class came back from lunch with the room sacked and green handprints all over the walls like leprechauns came through and caused mischief. Fortunately the leprechauns were polite enough to leave us chocolate coins to munch on. It's one little memory I'm quite fond of. :3

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    I own nothing green. Nothing at all.
    Not even a green marker.
    So what do I do to avoid getting pinched like crazy by all the weird people at my school?
    *skips it* =3

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    That's one way of doing it.

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    I have my green Mt. Dew shirt on so I am not too worried about being pinched tonight when I am downtown. LOL. Plus, I plan on wearing my beads and stuff.


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    By the way, who abbreviates it as Patty's Day? I have never seen that before today.

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    YaY! This will be my first St. Patty's Day in years where I do not indulge in Jameson!

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