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Thread: new adult diaper manufactor?

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    Default new adult diaper manufactor?

    just randomly found this article while doing my nightly rounds.

    National Presto Industries Inc. expects to complete a $30 million, 66,000-square-foot addition to its Eau Claire headquarters plant during the second quarter, the company said in its annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday.

    The company needs the extra space for its adult diaper division, which increased sales last year to $80.8 million from $74.6 million in 2009. Presto will install a multimillion-dollar machine this month for absorbent products production as well as an automated handling system.

    Presto reported sales of $240.8 million in its defense segment, which makes ammunition under government contracts, and $157.5 million in its housewares/small appliances division. Total sales were $479 million, compared to $478 million a year ago.
    National Presto to build $30 million plant addition in Eau Claire - JSOnline

    from deep frier's to adult diapers.

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    if you find any pictures of the diapers please let us know. I checked the Internet and all I found were web sites saying "presto makes private label diapers" I did find a few sites that said presto purchased AMTEC Corp which makes the diapers

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    FOund the web site for their absorbent product division -- Presto Absorbent Products, Inc., they have photos of some basic diapers on there. Nothing fancy, wouldn't surprise me if they are behind a lot of the store brand junk.

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    funny, i used to live pretty close to Eau Claire and never heard of this company before.

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    If they are manufacturing Private Label diapers then that is usually an indicator that they are store brands as most large diaper companies (like Abena) manufacture their own product. That doesn't mean that they don't manufacture for any major brands but for the most part, Private Label=Store Brand.

    According to their website they've been making adult diapers since 2003.

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    lol they make ammunition i think thats kind of a leep to "absorbent products production"

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    actually i think those diapers are they ones they market to most nursing homes, from the looks of them theyre exactly like the ones they use in the home i work at, might be a subsidary of medline or something because i know we get medline stuff and ones that look exactly like those

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    Looks like the ones I had in rehab hospital.Not good for over night or extended time

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