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Thread: ADISC Japanese language group

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    Talking ADISC Japanese language group

    I made an ADISC Japanese language group for anyone that wants to learn or practice Japanese
    ADISC Japanese -

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    My daughter has been studying the Japanese language using Rosetta Stone for some time now. She tries to teach me some things to say, but I really don't have the time right now to devote that would be needed to progress very far. She'd love to work as a translator, with enough schooling and experience. I think learning another language is both enjoyable and beneficial. I hope you find some sincere interest for your study group on ADISC.


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    Oh sweet; this looks pretty cool.

    I used to take Japanese lessons once a week, but I discontinued the lessons this year, and have since felt like I'm losing the language. Thus I embrace any opportunity to practice, in hopes of improving.

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    Oooh, very neat!
    I must join. Been wanting to learn another language for a long time now.
    Pinned it down to Japanese first, but don't have the cash for one of those Rosetta stone thingys :p

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    ill join.It's been a long time since Iv'e used japanese and im starting to forget it

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