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Thread: What would you do with your last 15 minutes of life?

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    Default What would you do with your last 15 minutes of life?

    There was an earthquake where I live.I was expecting it... (usually if some place gets hit with a big one there will be a small one here) it was only 5.0 and no damage but still... makes you think... if something like Japan where to happen here.... wow.... I have no idea how to handle it.... I live near the coast (I can get on the roof of my house and see the beach from far away) the island here is only 35x100 miles.... and we are on top of a dormant volcano...overall.... I asked myself this question... what would you do if you only had 15 minutes to live?

    EDIT: Apparently there was another one 2.8 at 7PM.... WTF?

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    I would saver my life, like the taste of an M&M, just waiting and waiting until it's gone.

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    Go on ADISC and write the most repulsive and ridiculous post possible, just to watch the reaction. Just kidding! Being a male, 15 minutes is plenty of time to go out and get laid, and still have time for that cigarette.

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    Say goodbye to everyone on here, and Facebook, maybe tell my friends about my secrets via Facebook, and masturbate!

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    The hell is wrong with you guys?! I'd sit there and fucking cry! "I'm going to die! I better go eat some chocolate..."

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    i would pray and wait for the peace of death (not much else i could do)

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    smoke em if you got em, and probably say goodbye to a couple people

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