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Thread: Sleeping issues

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    Default Sleeping issues

    So for some reason lately, I've been having some serious problems with sleep (well, more accurately, lack thereof).

    This never used to be a problem for me except for like...the week after time changes for daylight savings, and then it was all back to normal and all was right with the world. Lately though...I'm going on maybe 4 months now where my ability to sleep has been really spotty; I go to bed completely exhausted from previous nights, my semi-daily run, etc, and then...I can't fall asleep. I know I get far more sleep than most of my peers, but it's really starting to hurt me because it's having an impact on my mood and every other aspect of my life.

    Does anyone have any advice they can offer me? I really need to get this figured out, especially with college coming up really soon...

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    Sleep disorders can have several different causes and they are sometimes dangerous to your health.
    Best advice is to talk with your doctor about it.

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    I used to suffer very badly with my sleep, sometimes going a couple of days on about 3 hours of sleep, for me it was because of stress and anxiety. You should find the cause of your sleep deprivation and make that your first concern. Also going to bed and doing relaxing things for a short while can help such as reading, I found that listening to audio books really helped. But I would say that if the problem presistes for more than two weeks for and see your doctor who make give you some medication and an assessment.

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    As others have suggested, I'd see your doctor first since it has persisted for awhile. He/she might be able to determine the root cause of your sleep problem. Though you may have answered your own question stating college is coming up soon. Possibly you subconsciously have some anxieties related to your upcoming college? There are also OTC aids available such as Melatonin which helps you to relax so you can fall asleep. Hope you can get some relief soon.

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    No worries, nsquared. There could be a million reasons. But the good news is its all fixable. I was having issues where I couldnt stay asleep. I had no trouble falling asleep, but I would wake up 4-5 times a night. I saw a psychologist, we tried some medicine, didnt work, we tried a different kind, and I sleep great.

    I know seeing a "head doctor" seems like a bad idea...and I had the same thoughts. But, it was great to talk it over with someone who actually knows what they are talking about, and who can help.

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    I've been having trouble getting to sleep lately, too. I talked to my doctor about it and she suggested a white noise machine. I decided to get a cheap one to try out. (I don't want to spend $$$ on a machine that won't help me.) The good news for me is that it's the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe. I haven't got it yet, but when I do my mom, who saw the Twilight Turtle nightlight told me I should get one of those, too. Mainly because I like stars and turtles.

    I'd talk about it with the doctor if it keeps up. It might be stress or it could be something else. Mine is stress related and noises from other rooms keeping me up. My hearing is too good because I can hear the TV/fan/people talking in other rooms and it drives me batty.

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    I have had my own issues with sleep as well. I have battled insomnia for years and what has always helped me if I can't sleep is a 12-pack of beer. However, lately I am learning that boozing it can sometimes make it worse. So for me, I'm finding out that a nice walk, a nice routine before bed has helped me out and also not working nights anymore has really helped ten-fold.

    I still have one problem, sometimes I stay up for days if I get too involved in something or whatever.


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    It may be a subconscious thing with college, I really didn't think of that. I'm joining a sports team, last time I had a bit of a problem with sleep and mood that cured it nice and fast and I didn't have a problem again. I blame the 7 feet of snow we got for throwing me off and stress from various things...

    As for meds...I'm personally not opposed to the idea of something OTC like Melatonin and I would look into it if not for my parents. For some reason the folks have some massive problem with sleep aids and similar things, maybe I'll be making good use of that in college if I have a problem though. I'm 18 for gods sake there's not much they can [legally] do if I looked into that, but no they'd probably burn it or something.

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    I was having a problem getting to sleep around 2 months ago; I see that a white noise machine was mentioned earlier, I sleep with a fan on at night and I find that does the trick most of the time. Also for me if I have a coke or some other caffeinated drink after 4 o clock it will keep me awake (So don't have caffeine after 4).

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    I don't drink caffeine, maybe that's my problem; I drink a few Mountain Dews and I'm out like a light. I sleep with a fan on for the whole noise thing...

    Actually what seems to be happening is that my problem evolved a little so now I can sleep well, but I wake up 3-4 hours before I normally get up, completely exhausted and with a hard time falling asleep again. Running long distance with track seems to be helping though...

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