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Thread: Greeting from the wondering swordsman

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    Default Greeting from the wondering swordsman

    I relised that I didn't do much of an intro when this place became ADISC so I thought I should do a proper intro.

    I am 16 will be 17 in 2 months; I live in Brandon Florida and I will be a senoir in high school in August. I am a fan of anime and some of my favorites are Dragon Ball Z, Case Closed and Inuyasha. I am a wrestling fan, my favorite wrestlers being Kane, The Undertaker and HBK. I love dirty comedians like George Carlin and Gilbert Gottfried; and some people that don't get alot of attenchen in America like Otto Waalkes which is like a German version of Weird Al.

    I love music and learning new songs in different languages, I am fluent in English and decent in German but I know bits and pieces of up to 9 different languages.

    I have always had a gift for coming up with stories on the spot and have been a writer for about a year and have posted some of them on here.

    As far as things go with *bdlism I have been a DL since about 7 or 8 and a TB since I turned 16.

    Well that's all I can thing of now I hope you enjoyed reading this. :happy:

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    hey YOU, DONT YOU KNOW about the sword ban!! *chases you waving baton*

    heh couldnt resist.. and im surprsed kenshin the anme/manga isnt actually in ur favorites, all things consdered >.>

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    Hey Kenshin! yay for the intro thread! Although I suppose I don't need to say welcome since you are already here.

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