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    Default Hi everyone

    Hi i joined earlier today im a (hidden) babyfur/littlefur i'm also kinda shy around new people. im 16 i like to lift weights and learn new things more specifically herbs, and rulers/kings in history is what i find most interesting, im from Texas, i like to listent to music mostly techno/rave but anything with a good beat is nice, im a junior in high school and im looking to make some new friends or try to at least.

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    Nice to meet you AstroWolf! Welcome to ADISC!

    You've got a good intro going on there

    Why do you think you're so interested in herbs? It's certainly an obscure interest!

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    probably because its uncommon to hear much about them in school (or mine at least) and that i like different things, like when i did origami or magic card tricks for the fun of it

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    Hi AstroWolf and welcome to the site. You'll find lots of babyfurs here so you're in good company. I'm rather fond of dogs and wolves, and even write about them in my novel. Nice intro by the way.

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