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Thread: Pedophile Ring Smashed - Why do the have to mention us ABDL's?

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    Default Pedophile Ring Smashed - Why do the have to mention us ABDL's?

    "Europol released parts of online conversations and other posts including a discussion between two suspects, identified only as X and Y, about their attraction to boys wearing diapers.

    Y said he had convinced one boy he needed to wear a diaper every weekend from the age of nine to 13. "They were the happiest four years of my life," he said."

    Police say international pedophile ring smashed - Yahoo! News

    While I'm extremely happy that the ring was smashed, why do they have to mention ABDL's? While the possible ABDL mentioned is a pedo why release conversations relating to ABDL's? It would be possible to write the article and leave out specific details relating to diapers!

    This article just makes it harder for us to separate ourselves from the pedo's and reinforces the ABDL = pedo argument.

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    The media ins't here to give us, or anyone, good PR, eh? They did not mention ABDLs, that's enough to satisfy me. Those logs are relevent, so I see nothing wrong with having them in the article.

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    Good for them that they managed to crack the ring and send those scumbags to jail. As for the article itself exploiting AB/DL's as creepy pedophiles, I don't necessarily think that it specifically mentions the interest itself through mentioning diapers. I believe it mentions the example of a case in the investigation, but doesn’t go on a huge rant detailing about how AB/DL’s are sex fiends looking to diddle little boys. It just strikes me that it wouldn’t occur to the people who read it that it’s related to the interest unless described otherwise in the report.

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    I have somethin interesting to say. I saw this article on Yahoo today in my second period, and I said, "What is wrong with people these days." and my friend next to me says, "the question should be, 'What is right with people these days?" Good point...

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    Indeed, it should be asked more often.

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    Those people who can do that to children don't deserve to be able to breath. It just makes me feel sick at the thought of this. It's just horrible, i can't get my head around how they sleep at night!

    Good on the police getting this Pr**ks they should be killed!

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    It's a good thing they got them. Though I'm not sure I'd say we should kill them, Tommy, they should definitely be put somewhere away from children.

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    Hmmmm. Those guys in that ring certainly should be locked up and kept away from children. I am not going to argue otherwise.

    I think that the ABDL community should focus less on how true perverts distort the general perception of who ABDLs actually are, and focus on being the decent people they actually are capable of being instead. There are going to be bad apples indulging in every fetish, after all. Most everybody here knows that people who coerce or otherwise force children into wearing diapers are generally not accepted in ABDL circles (for good reason, to boot). I am not worried about how the selfish actions of some perverts is going to affect how people think about myself. Neither should anybody else here. The best way to deal with news like this is to breathe a sigh of relief that these guys will not have any more contact with children, and then to focus on continuing to be good people in our daily lives. The best way to combat public stigma against ABDLs is to give people a positive example that we are capable of being great and productive people.

    Hell, such a tactic has helped people in BDSM communities gain greater respectability in the eyes of the general public - I don't see any reason why it won't work here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdude92 View Post
    It's a good thing they got them. Though I'm not sure I'd say we should kill them, Tommy, they should definitely be put somewhere away from children.
    I guess, but they don't deserve to breath our air. People like this are just sick in the head, i don't get how their brains can register to do such a thing. The fact that he said it was the best 4 years of his life? Sickening isn't it..

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    It is a disorder of the mind. Though we'd like to think that they have the control, they don't. It's like our attraction to diapers. It won't go away and we can't really control it. Luckily we aren't pedos, but for some unfortunate people that's how the cookie crumbles, and that's how they act. All we can do is try our best to keep it from happening.

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