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    So I recently bought a PetSafe in ground fence and my question is, If for some reason I wanted to upgrade to a different fence or say the transmitter quit working, would I have to also replace the boundary wire that is in the ground? I ask because I was at Petsmart getting replacement batteries for the collar for when the one in the collar dies and at the counter the cashier said PetSafe fences don't have the longest life span.

    My guess is that I won't have to replace the wiring unless it was the wiring that had a problem, even if I wanted to put in a new system... I'm thinking I could just swap out transmitters, but if anyone has any experience with in ground fences I would your input! I'm a newbie when it come to electronic fencing.

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    I put a fence in a a friends failed was a pet safe one btw

    He then got a new one not sure the brand and used the same hurried wire...but had to replace the main control box, the transmitter and the dog colars


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    Mmmkay That totally helps, Thanks for confirming that PetSafe isnt a long lasting fence, I didn't hurry the wiring I ending up buying two 500 foot spools or heavier duty wiring because the wiring that it came seemed like it would fail long term (then I would have to dig up all that darn wire that took 4 hours to install the right way... Eff that.). I didn't really think about having to switch the collar but it totally makes sense. Right now my PetSafe is holding up fine but I guess I should start saving so I can invest in a higher quality fence.

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