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    Default driving in diaper

    i am planning to do a 3 hour drive this weekend!

    i am gonna wear a diaper for the journey and of course use it!

    what i'm gonna ask is if i cant find a service station with a shower, what is the next best way to hide the smell until i can get a shower? of course i will take it off before i get to close to my destination


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    This really depends [Hehe!] on how you plan on using your diaper. If you are going to just wet, some wipes will cover you. Maybe add some powder too. But if you wet and mess, It's going to be difficult. Clean up as best as possible, powder up [even if you aren't wearing again], ride with the windows down, and hope for a Showering Service Station! :P

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    I'd advise eating a fibrous diet a few days beforehand if you plan on messing so it is easier to clean up..

    Wipes, Powder, Ziplock bags, and a change of clothes just in case.

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    If you are going to mess there is no good way to hide the smell. Plastic pants can help a bit but not much.

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    I'm not sure about England, but Where ever you see commercial transportation vehicles like 18 wheelers that haul goods at a service station getting fuel, they are most likely to have showers.

    Here in america we have several locations around the counry, there's Flying J, TA, Pilot, Petro, Loves,. Those with 18 wheeles usually have showers . They cost about 8 dollars. They are all private with a toilet, sink, and shower (not a tub). They include a washcloth, a towel to dry off with and a trial size of soap that you usually find in a hotel.

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    if you're going to use while driving, (1) for starters try to just wet, (2) don't flood because sitting raises the risk of leaks due to compaction of padding, and (3) do you really need to change? (do you need to be dry or not wearing when you get to your destination?)

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    if you're using a decent quality dispie, you shouldn't have any issues with odour, for the length of time and guesstimated usage with which you'll wearing. wipes will help remove any urine residues left on your skin, but if you're wearing shorts or baggies for your trip, the natural air drying effect, along with the abrasion of your clothing, will remove any crystals or sediment left by urine. [note that this isn't a solution for prolonged usage nor if your wee smells of sugar-puffs ]

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    a 3 hour drive AND use it... *giggles* Well, drink lots before the trip cuz 3 hour drive isn't long. I have that and more at least a couple times a week. So far everything said is pretty much it. Wipes and a clean change. I am guessing you want the 'shower' because you plan on messing? If it's just for changing a wet one then why not just use a stall and get the fun and excitement other incons have almost daily doing it? Think of it this way, if anyone hears or sees you - it's not like they will have any future effect on your life and you'll never see them again anyway. 98% of the time no one says anything even if they do 'catch' you. If they do see you then they have something to talk about with their friends and you have a lasting memory to go along with it. No harm done. If you plan on messing tho, yeah - if you're not experienced with cleaning that up with just wipes then go for it. Just don't plan on others not noticing - in which case you might as well just use a stall anyway lol.

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    You may wanna double pad yourself. I have witnessed firsthand the complications of wetting while sitting down (my poor chair), but a 2nd diaper should create enough pressure to counter that.

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    I would only wet if I were you, the car will smell pretty bad otherwise Unless you have some really good fitting plastic pants,

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