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    I am 45 male, straight and live in the Midlands in the UK, My feelings for nappies stem from when I was 4 and had to go into Hospital for an operation. I did not need nappies anymore but was forced into wearing them as this was the policy of the hospital in th 60's
    I cried and cried at being physically forced into a terry nappy and thick plastic pants but after a week of protesting gave up and accepted them.
    From that month I always had a strange curiosity for nappies and rubber or plastic pants and at about 8 I managed to buy my first plastic pants. pulling these on brought me such pleasure that I was soon wearing them over a towel in bed and wetting them.
    This progressed over the years and I have real bedwetting problems since I was about 12. I am married now and still wear an Ten Maxi for bed.
    My wife does not mind my nappies at night as she knows I have a bedwetting problem and they keep her and the bed dry.
    I also like to dress up when the family are away in nappies and a sleeper and go to bed with a dummy or bottle of formula.
    I also enjoy the security of mild bondage whilst dressed up as a baby.
    I have several plastic and rubber pants and plenty of Tena Nappies.
    I look forward to reading like minded posts from people all over the world, for I though I was a bit of a freak years ago until I found out there were many people like me all over the globe.
    Speak to you soon.

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    Welcome to Adisc! Nice to see someone else from the UK ^_^

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    Welcome, I hope you find that alot of us are very friendly and welcoming.

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    Welcome to ADISC. I hope you will find your time here beneficial and enjoyable. You've told us a lot about your relationship with diapers but we don't know much about the rest of you, and I presume there is more to know. Spending so much energy keeping this to ourselves, it's easy to make an introduction centering around diapers even though with most of us liking them, that information is some of the least distinguishing. I'd suggest you have a look at this thread which might give you some ideas for what else you might tell us about yourself. Hope to hear more from you

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    Hey, Nappie, welcome to ADISC! Please know that you're accepted here, and that I hope your time here is comfortable. If you ever need anything, just ask a mod, or ask me! We're here to help if you got any problems.

    An operation, eh? What kind of operation was it that forced you to wear diapers?

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    The operation was to remove my appendix but it was the childrens hospital policy that made me wear nappies. I remember protesting and crying because I thought I had grown out of them but I was physically held down while the nurses put the terry nappy and thick plastic pants on me.I am sure this is what started my interest in nappies.

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    Hello and welcome to adisc! We seem to have two things in common already - BW and The Midlands, but what else I wonder. I love to read books and some have said I cook a mean spaghetti bolognese. What hobbies do you have? Do let us know as we're not all nappies!

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    I also like cooking, driving and soocer and Rugby. But most of my time is psent with the wife and grand children.
    Relaxing, we like to go up the local for a few beers.

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