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Thread: Avenged Sevenfold Addiction

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    Default Avenged Sevenfold Addiction

    Ive been with them from their second album, rocking ever since !

    Saw them at uproar and im about to see them again in may!!! A7X! Im open to other choices of music and listen to everything. Any other die hard deathbats here?

    ***R.I.P. James Owen Sullivan (February 9, 1981 December 28, 2009)***
    "You have fallen, but remain in the hearts of us all"

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    I was the same way with Bullet For My Valentine. Then they released Fever...Now I dislike them.

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    I caught onto Waking the Fallen, and saw them after they released City of Evil. (I was young... Moshin' and shit )
    Then I didn't like the self titled album...

    I got Bullet for My Valentine's demo Hand of Blood a long time ago... Then they released The Poison. Good shit. Then Scream Aim Fire. That was amazing. I saw them live. Good show. Then, Fever... No.

    I dislike both bands now. I've transgressed into heavier, more melodic music like Arch Enemy, and Between the Buried and Me. Much more challenging and fun to play on guitar...

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    I think I'll be seeing them in Charlotte in May, that's going to be a sweet show! I'm not the biggest fan, but I have all of their albums (except for the very newest one) on vinyl, but I do have quite a vinyl collection so it might not be all that impressive... but still, I haven't seen them live yet. They were supposed to come to Clemson my freshman year, but they cancelled at the last minute, which was really disappointing... so I'm excited for May!

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    Saw Avenged Sevenfold at Taste of Chaos in 2008 (Bullet was supposed to be there too but they dropped out cause someone's daughter was suck or something). Atreyu and blessthefall too, both pretty solid shows, A7X was really good. I was a big fan of then. First really challenging metal stuff I ever played. Beast and the Harlot got me comfortable around the 12th fret. Great song for showing off, and if it weren't for picking up some of their and RATM's stuff, I probably would've never got into playing guitar as much as I do, and then where would I be now? Somewhere else no doubt.

    First album's really solid considering they wrote it in high school and did't use a click at all. Waking the Fallen is one of the best and most original metalcore albums ever released. His vocals are nuts on it, best out of anything they've done (not just cause I like screaming more... less Axl-immitating whiny and crazier range). City of Evil was also great. Wasn't a fan of a few tracks, but overal there's some rad guitar work, interesting (if otally self-indulgent) song writing and all together a cool heavy progressive thing going on. When the self-tiled one came out, I was still a pretty big fan, but I'm not as much of one now, and hindsight says it's not so great. Lots of cool ideas, but it's like it was put together by five less good bands. I totally dig a grou evolving and changing things up. Fans that say otherwise are nuts. How much can a person change in five years? A whole bunch is right, so that can cause some major artistic shift. Problem was that the band didn't seem to grow towards a sound, kinda spread apart. Trying new things is terrific, and so is pushing your own limits, but the end result just wasn't as muscially interesting as some of their older material. But some solid stuff for sure. I didn't pick up their new album, but I have listened to it all. Nightmare is a goofy song with terrible lyrics and Welcome to the Family was kinda lame. Not a lot of other stuff I could dig either - seemed like there was this whole attitude about trying to be tough and vicious about the album, and it was trying way too hard to pull this off. I did like Victim and the last track, and Fiction is phenomenal (kinda a ripoff of Retrovertigo by Mr. Bungle, an admitted influence of the band), but whatever. The emotional aspect of the Rev's death does kinda haunt the album, and in some of the songs there's a real eerie feeling, but I couldn't really get into it.

    All that said, they're some pretty talented dudes. Like some of their stuff a lot, other stuff not so much. They change and grow, which is great, but they've kinda moved away from something I'm interesed in. Guess that's life. I'd probably see anohter live show if the chance came up.

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    I'm not a huge fan but I really like some of their songs. And some of their older stuff is ok, too, but I really didn't like most of it the first and second listens through. I look forward to their work with Portnoy on board though

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    I like Ax7 too... I just don't get tooo crazy into any specific bands... I really enjoy a lot of bands. It's just like how I have no inspirations when I write my own songs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzy View Post
    I was the same way with Bullet For My Valentine. Then they released Fever...Now I dislike them.
    Really? But I thought Fever was so reminiscent of Poison? I do like Poison much better tho.

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