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    Quick question, I happened to be surfing through craigslist and found some attends. I hear they're not as good as they used to be but these look different than the pictures I see online.

    Are these older and are they worth picking up? Right now ordering online isnt an option. I've been using Tena Supers, love them but I like prefer plastic backed diapers.

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    Looking into it more it seems like they're just the normal attends? I think the ones with a waisteband and their packaging or attends 10. Still some insight would be helpful. Thanks

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    I think those are newer ones but are packaged for institutional use. If you buy them from a store they come in the kind of gray package (correct?) but if you get them directly from Attends they come like that... I think.

    I could be totally wrong on that.

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    The older ones when Attends used to be owned by P&G were much better, the current Paperpak versions aren't near as good. I would only pick them up if their the P&G made versions.

    Though either one don't hold a candle to Abriform X-Plus ^^;.

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