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Thread: Your Favorite Quotes of All Time

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    Talking Your Favorite Quotes of All Time

    When I say this thing, I mean not to quote other users <unless its funny ^^>

    " Shepards we shall be, for thee my Lord for thee. Power have to send it forth from thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So shall we flow a river forth to thy, and teeming of souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti " - from The Boondock Saints


    " **** the ****ing ****ers " - from The F - Word

    " Yay! I like penis!" - the demented cartoon movie < I think >

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    i have a few

    well, my sig for one.

    another one is "i've tasted poison, when i drank the wine of fate" which is from the eldar by the band blind guardian

    and i can't think of anymore right now. stupid morning.

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    "The impossible we do direct, wonders take a little longer and on request we do magic."

    I'll do more later.

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    My sig (obviously) which I got from a friend and I've no idea where he got it (I think it was translated from Urdu or Punjabi)

    "Of course God made man before woman, you always make a rough draft before the final copy!" (unknown source)

    "Perhaps love is like a resting place
    A shelter from the storm
    It exists to give you comfort
    It is there to keep you warm
    And in those times of trouble
    When you are most alone
    The memory of love will bring you home"

    Perhaps Love - John Denver

    There are, of course, tons more but those are the ones I'm thinking of right now

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    I'll "get a life" when someone can prove that it's better than what I've got now.

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    T'he only difference between ficiton and non-fiction, is that fiction has not happened yet.' -Unknown

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    This is one I've heard a lot lately from friends...

    inna lillahe wa inna elaihe rajeoun

    It is from Qur'an and basically it means we come from God (at birth) and to God we return (in death).

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