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    Yeah, the latest game from the twisted minds behind Persona is coming to US 360s this July.

    Seedy sexual content? I'm there!

    While other people are preordering Gears of War 3 and Duke Nukem Forever, I preordered this.

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    Hmm, not sure what to say. I probably won't be getting it since I hardly ever game anymore nowadays, and I couldn't understand a word of what was being said (me not speaking any Japanese). Hope the game is good though and that you enjoy it.

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    The US release will have subtitles. So, now you can't say, "I don't understand it," as an excuse to not play it. :P

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    From what I've heard about it I think it's a over-rated game and is just designed to be a odd experience. There is such a thing as full batshit crazy after all.

    SuperJail! is pretty much my threshhold Limit. Also I played a game that tried to be ground breaking it was called .hack sometimes these things just don't work out and I suspect this game to be one of them.

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