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Thread: So does anyone use a diaper for the practicality of it?

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    Default So does anyone use a diaper for the practicality of it?

    Well I noticed that lately I've been using diapers more and more lately. Usually to study or go out to the movies. Or grind an online game. XD But overall I find that I can just focus on the thing I'm doing at hand and I forget to pee. I don't have a break to get "distracted in". I mean I find myself using it for that reason. Not because it's comfy but because I want more time/nothing to worry about. Not for the comfy aspect.... hard to describe but I think you guys get it.

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    I know exactly what you mean here. They can be extremely convenient when you don't want to have to pull away from whatever it is that you are doing. I love it. :-)

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    You mean as an actual suppliment to activities and not wearing for leisure? No, I don't, although it does seem like a good idea to try sometime.

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    I've done it for the convenience of not having to leave my laptop unattended while going potty. I'm not quite comfortable enough with them to use them while studying since they would be a distraction.

    I'm sure I will end up using them while studying for my next wave of finals though =D

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    This is a tricky one because although I like to justify wearing nappies for their practical value, very often I think that is just a rationalisation and a more objective person would say they were a hindrance, not a help. I work on some projects that demand long periods of attention, so I feel it's a 'sensible' thing to put a nappy on and it does give me a little boost of confidence. But if I didn't enjoy wearing, perhaps I would just re-arrange my workflow for easier potty-breaks like other people, and in return I would have a bit of time freed up not having to check for leaks etc. Actually I think my productivity drops to zero while actually wetting, because of the 'fun' aspect taking over; also my thoughts wander more readily when I have a very wet bottom that when I have a very full bladder.

    For an astronaut or a deep sea diver, it might be different, as nappies can be indispensable under extreme circumstances. This might however be just as much a fantasy that derives from envy of people who can wear without a moment's awkwardness or embarrassment, with it being 'part of the job.' I have to wear a safety body-harness when working at great heights in case I fall. An astronaut has to wear a nappy during launch in case she wets. I would be delighted to swap though and expect the astronaut would too!


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    Sometimes when I stay up late (like past midnight) on a school night and I realize I have to use the toilet, I decide to use the nappy insted, to avoid my mom from getting angry with me for staying up so late... I guess when I'm going to have my national tests at the end of this year (they are tests that are held at least in Finland to see the avarage intelligent of student in the ninth grade. It is held from maths, english, french and swedish and you have to do it. It pretty much tests what you have learnt on the grades 7-9.). In that sense I'm looking forward to them

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    Given how often I tend to have to go... yes. Diapers were indispensable to me during long, timed exams. Getting up to go every hour or so during an 8-hour exam (or even a 2-3 hour exam) really cuts into the time, especially when you have to raise your hand, have the proctor come over and collect your paper, leave the room, find the bathroom, come back, raise your hand, and wait for the proctor to give your paper back. It helped that wearing a diaper doesn't distract me. Having to pee is a big distraction, however, so it was win-win.

    I've also found diapers useful during long car trips and at amusement parks, since the rides seem to aggravate my bladder for some reason... that, and the long lines are a problem. A few times, I've been standing in line with friends for 1-2+ hours and just had to leave the line to find a bathroom (even though I went immediately before getting in line) and missed out on the ride. Sucky. I wore diapers the last time I was riding rollercoasters. It was muuch better not having to walk so far and so often to find a restroom, and I didn't have to ditch my friend in line.

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    I poop mine for the practicality of a toilet that isn't clogged.

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    I've found diapers to be very practical in many different situations. As Tygon says, during exams they're a godsend, especially as it was my luck that most of my exams were located in weird places which didn't always have toilets close by.

    I've also found them handy in a volunteer position I'm doing, where I have to stand/sit (depending on activity), sometimes for a good long while and I can't afford a potty break.

    I also find that with my continence issues, they actually work better than pads in underwear and mean I can actually go out the house without needing a HUGE bag of spare clothes.

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    i wear like 24/7 for convenience, it seems like everytime i have to pee its always when i cant get to a bathroom and hate having to hold it. very few times ive had messing accidents to but thats very rare. diapers are awsome for the movies and while out with friends

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