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Thread: Aussie DL's - Coles brand??

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    Default Aussie DL's - Coles brand??

    Ha ha, another Aussie post, rprznt!

    I was down at Glenferrie Woolworths the other day, and while standing in line with some friends I glanced at the nearby nappy aisle. To my surprise, right next to the usual Drynites were a sparsely packaged Woolworths brand (or so I believe...I glanced quickly and nonchalantly so I could be mistaken!)
    Has anyone had any experience with these before? I assume they'd be cheaper than normal Drynites, but are they just repackaged DN's or are they entirely different nappies?
    I feel like some DN's just for casual wear (don't worry, I don't plan on wetting etc), so if what I think I saw was correct I'll run down there in a flash, the most-likely cheaper pricetag being the main draw.

    It just clicked I wrote Coles in the title *headsmack*
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    I think you might be thinking of baby love sleepynights. They have much plainer packaging than drynites. Haven't tried them myself.

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    Default'd be weird for a teen-oriented nappy to have "baby" in the title, no? But like I said, it was a quick glance, so they may have even been baby nappy's. I haven't had a chance to pop down there for a while, but i'm keen to now...

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