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    I was just wondering what adiscers had as pets.

    I have 3 dogs.

    German short hair
    Black lab
    and a beagle

    1 pot bellied pig(yes he lives in the house)

    About 40 cats
    If you can consider them pets all but like 3 are outside as we live in the country and they pretty are left to their own.
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    I have to answer this in the past tense since we've had no pets at all since our kids were younger. They each had a hamster for awhile.

    Growing up, I had parakeets, tropical fish, goldfish, turtles, and a hamster. When I was pre-school age we had a dog, but had to give her away when we moved to an apartment. I was always partial to smaller animals as pets, though many times I'd bring home a stray cat to feed.

    Btw, my son has always loved little pigs!


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    Yup! At my mom's I've got two cats, one illegally retarded (either because he's not legally retarded or because he so retarded it's illegal), and one that's just a scaredy-cat. They're fun to curl up with at night, though.

    At my dad's, there resides a very friendly Basset Hound that comes precariously close to tripping over his own ears with every boundful leap he takes. A while back, we (prematurely) lost my best friend, a beautiful Great Dane. He was black everywhere except for right around his paws and a little white T shape on the nape of his neck. My parents got him as a surprise for me and my sister, and boy were we excited! I was about 8-9, and when he jumped up, he was about as tall as I was. There's so many memories that I know I'll miss him for as long as I live.

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    I have 2 cats...Brother and sister...Named Ash and Misty respectively (yes from Pokemon >.>)

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    I still have my dog, she is in her urn on my end table in my den, with two pictures on either side of her!! Her name is Sadie & I loved her too much to bury her!! She will be buried with me when I die!! Her urn will be placed in one of my hands!!

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    I have a little poodle XD. Hes a scardey poodle because we got him from a poodle rescue center, he was mistreated and stuff lol. Hes so awsome though I love him, only person who doesn't is of course my sister...

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    We have a cat at my parents' house. She's a calico tabby mix named Zoe... she's incredibly cute and playful, and I'm still here favourite when I stop by (even though I don't live there anymore). She's just over 2 years old.

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    I have an English Springer Spaniel named Belle and a great cat named Sushi.

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