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    These past two weeks have been really frustrating for me. I've worked 14 days straight 3rd shift. I've had no time to myself, when ive been home and awake I've had my two toddlers to watch while my wifes at work. Been wanting some diaper time and have had all these mixed emotions and it seems like I just get too angry over nothing and it's ruined whole days. I swear I wonder if I'm not bipolar sometimes. I've felt selfish because I've got frustrated over working or having to watch the kids and wanting some me time. This makes me feel like a bad person but I know know no matter what I will always put my family first, their the world to me. Been making me depressed lately. Just need to find balance I guess. I don't know if anyone else has had similar issues but I don't want to devote all my attention to diapers and I don't so don't get me wrong. Sorry I've just had ALOT of different emotions thats running around in my head and needed to vent. But as my title says, about time. It's 5 30 in the morning and I am laying here on the couch with an abena x plus on after over two weeks and as of right now am feeling much better. I just don't want to keep repeating this cycle in my head everytime I have to go awhile undiapered. They're really turning into a must have stress reliever for me since I've been out in the open these last few months with my wife not to mention quitting smoking a few months ago tof. I'm an addict. If I could just wear more often Would probably help big time. Well I'm gonna shut up now and enjoy this alone time before turning over to sleep. Sorry for ranting so long.

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    Hey there Painn, I just want to let ya know, your not alone. I've been there before (minus the kids, but I do share a house with my younger brother) Working long hours, no privacy when you get home, and nothing to do, but watch a couple hours of TV before heading to bed then waking up the next day repeating the cycle. It gets exhausting, frustrating and difficult, but you can manage. I know how difficult it can be stepping back from cigarettes as well, there were quite a few times I tried quitting, I'd always last about a week without a pack, but if I didn't have padding as a form of stress relief I'd flip my lid and go against my goal. Once again I'm trying to quit, in fact I just killed my last cig about 4 hours ago and I'm feeling pretty confident I can make it this time. Just remember to take things slow when your feeling pent up, rushing only causes more problems. If putting on a diaper helps as affective stress relief go for it. Taking walks helps relieve stress as well, why not take the kids out or play a game with em? If you ever need someone to talk to don't hesitate to drop me a PM or something. ~ Stunner
    PS. Daniel Boon national forest rocks, once the weather get's warmer and you have a nice day off you should take the kids and wife up there for a nice escape (works wonders on stress)

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    Thanks for the reply. Things can get pretty hectic around my house. It just seemed like lately all I have is diapers on my mind. I want to be more myself all the time and it's just not possible. I just felt like it was wrong to want this me time and was being selfish. My wife knows all about this side of me, usually knows when I'm wearing which 90 perc of my diaper time is before I go to sleep on the couch. (kids sleep with momma , im a 3rd shifter, you get the picture). Im still not real open with her about it, don't want to force anything on her or mess up a good thing. Mostly paranoid I guess. I still haven't even got comfortable enough to say the word diaper around her. Silly huh. Especially beings we've had talks and I came completly clean to her in a long letter. There is nothing to hide. Just got so many mixed emotions it's made me nuts. Everything is better today though after a night off from work. Made up my mind that it would probably be best if I sit down and have a talk with her sometime about being more open. Being so secretive is part of what's killing me. Just don't want to over do it you know. And I certainly don't want to parade around in front of her in nothing but a diaper so don't get me wrong. Anyway enough ranting about my problems. I really intruly hope your quitting smoking is still succsessful. I know how ya feel. Best of luck to you. Oh and I'm guessing you live around the bluegrass but anyways I love our forest in the area. It is where I spend most of my free time with my buddy's. We hike alot, most of the time were usually on horses though. We do ALOT of caving and a little kayaking down rockcastle also. There is nothing like nature, best stress reliever of all. Can't wait till the weather finally breaks and I can get outdoors!
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