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Thread: For all you Black Ops fans out there!

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    Default For all you Black Ops fans out there!

    I am so excited and just had to post this, because it is so awesome!

    Yes I know I am a no life nerd for this, But I just went 73-3 on nuketown in Black ops online. On the Wii

    I was using the galil w/ extended mags, hardline, sleight of hand pro, and tactical mask

    Killstreaks were Spy plane (3), Chopper (3), Dogs (2)

    Has anyone else had a really amazing game, where they score so high, they amaze themselves?

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    lol :P I thought the game was okay but im not really the multiplayer type when it comes to fps cuz it makes my head hurt but i thought the single player was not bad. I didnt really enjoy all the staticy flashback stuff though... the numbers made my head hurt too lol. I played alot of multiplayer back of modern warfare 2 though. I think alot of it is because i play PC and theres so many cheaters that mabies i burned my self out?

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