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Thread: Will baby diapers fit?

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    Question Will baby diapers fit?

    im really skinny i have like around a 26" waist will pampers size 6 fit me i dont have any acess to goodnites underjams adult diaper or anything except baby diaper so will they fit?

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    It's possible. You might be able to fit depending on your height/weight. There's no way to guarantee that they will fit, so don't buy too big of a package. If they don't fit, you will have to experiment with taking the tabs off and adding them to the tabs on a fresh one to make them stretch further.
    Worst case scenario, there's always tape or placing them within underwear.

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    thanks for the help but do you have a recommended brand of them sry if i being annoying but i would just like to know if one is better thanks


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    I'm not sure how big the Size 6 Pampers are. You might be able to fit in some Size 7 if you can find any.

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    If by "fit" you mean "barely get the tapes on," then maybe. But baby diapers really aren't designed to fit, in the proper sense of the word, anyone over the age of ~6. If you really can't get a hold of proper adult diapers, which actually will fit you, your best options to make baby diapers semi-wearable are:

    -Staple the tapes on and pray they don't rip
    -cut the tapes off of one pair and use them extend the tapes on another pair
    -put them in a pair of briefs (the non-disposable kind) and don't bother taping them at all.

    The last one is the most comfortable, in my opinion, and will work regardless of how small the diaper is.

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    You know, I'd been wondering if putting small diapers inside a decent fitting pair of undies would work. I really like the cutesy designs on the kid's nappies, but I don't have the cash to buy the adult versions. This opens up some more possibilities for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyu View Post
    im really skinny i have like around a 26" waist will pampers size 6 fit me i dont have any acess to goodnites underjams adult diaper or anything except baby diaper so will they fit?
    How come the only place you can buy diapers stocks Pampers Size 6 and not GoodNites of UnderJams?

    You did not say if those Pampers Size 6 are Cruisers or Baby Dry. The Baby Dry are somewhat larger. Cruisers are still made in Sizes 6 and 7, although Size 7 are not widely stocked. The basic difference is that the Size 7 are an inch longer. The stretch around the top of the diaper is the same.

    The two main problems when anyone over 50 pounds tries to wear Size 6 is that the rise is too short to reach high enough on the hips they will stay in place when wet and the leg holes are far too small. The slight extra rise of the Size 7 does not help much fitting older kids. Size 7 were designed to help toddlers who were tall for their age, yet with slender legs. The extra weight rating is because a taller child could weigh more and still have narrow hips and thin legs.

    A few weeks ago the major Japanese manufacturing corporation, Daio Peper Company, Limited, started importing their popular baby disposable diapers "GOO.N" to the USA. On their website they translate "goo.n" as meaning "growing child"

    Besides the usual smaller infant sizes, GOO.N has "Super Big" diaper, which they rate 33-77 pounds or 15-35kg. Very interesting.

    For research last week I purchased a bag of 28 Super Big diapers from their Los Angeles, CA office for USA$34.99 plus $3.00 California sales tax. Perhaps many will agree this is a very expensive disposable diaper. By the way, shipping was quoted as USA$12.00 for surface UPS less than 4 miles from their place in Los Angeles to my husband's office also in Los Angeles. That is USA$1.83 each without shipping.

    Okay, so I took a selection of different color push pins and a 20"x40" piece of 3/4" plywood. On the bottom I stretched out one of my Attends Breathable Small rated for <80 to 110 pounds. That was the bottom of the stack. The delivered cost of the Attends is USA$0.73

    On top of the Super Big I stretched out a current Cruisers Size 7 with DryMax. Picked-up at Toys-R-Us with tax they cost USA$0.34 each

    Over the Attends I stretched out the Super Big. Through the crotch it is slightly wider than the Attends, but many inches shorter: 24" (610mm) vs 28" (710mm) The Cruisers Size 7 is 22 3/4" (580mm) long.

    The Attends is a total (doubling the width of an end) of 39+" (1,000mm) wide. The Super Big total width is 29+" (740mm) The Cruiser Size 7 total width is 22" (560mm)

    One child I know well was 11 in May of 2007, shortly after the Cruiser Size 7 was advertised. She was athletic, 4'8" tall, 80 pounds with 26" hips. Try as she could, she could not make the Size 7 fit her effectively. That young lady has never gained normal bladder control and back then she found GoodNites leaking badly.

    So, if anyone wants to find Size 7 Cruisers, understand they absorb no more than a Size 5 or 6 Cruisers. The absorbent core is identical in all those sizes. Size 5 are sold everywhere and cost a few cents less than the elusive Size 7.

    Frankly I cannot find a single advantage to the GOO.N diapers, even the Super Big. Those have no more capacity than a Size 5 Cruiser. The standing leg guards are no more sophisticated or effective than the Cruisers, Baby Dry or Huggies. In fact the Pampers Extra Absorbent Size 5 (available at Target) cost the same as Cruisers Size 5 and absorb more than any of these diapers except the Attends.

    I wish Daio Paper Company, Limited the very best of luck selling their GOO.N diapers in the USA.

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    Try Luvs size 6 or Pampers Baby Dry Size 6. The tabs stretch more.

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    I'm a 32" waist and can just "fit" into pampers baby dry size 6. This involves stapling the green tapes to the wings first, then stapling the tape to the nappy once on and finally a strip of electrical tape around the top of the nappy to make sure it stays on.

    They are a very tight fit though.

    Also Pampers baby dry are significantly stretchier than Huggies equivalent.

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    I had a 30 inch waist about 4 or 5 years ago and cruisers size 6 fit fine back then. With a 26 inch waist you'll be alright

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