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Thread: help me stop smoking

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    Default help me stop smoking

    I like to stop smoking but win I try I turn in to a ass. I don't wont to hart my friends and love one's fillings like I did in the past. dus any bitty know away for me to stop smoking with out me becoming a ass. I tried gum and parches.

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    Personally all I could think of doing, is what I did to my friend when he smoked before. I would get him to think of other things, or I would merely hit him every time he tried to smoke one, I am actually doing this for chewing with this other kid, his friend forced him to become addicted so i'm helping.

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    I've quit smoking for the second time, firstly I was successful for about a year then smoked again for about another 10 months. I find you have to get rid of the things that are accessories to smoking, things like coffee or after your favorite meal...Substitution is the best thing, it keeps your mind from associating and thinking about smoking. Drink lots of water, and find something to keep your mind of smoking, like diapers

    Once you've become a smoker, it's almost impossible never to have cravings again, you just need to believe you can beat those cravings and put yourself in the right mind frame to do it! If you find you are getting short with people or getting frustrated, just explain you're quitting and you will find people will be usually understanding and empathetic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by matt1989 View Post
    I like to stop smoking but win I try I turn in to a ass. I don't wont to hart my friends and love one's fillings like I did in the past. dus any bitty know away for me to stop smoking with out me becoming a ass. I tried gum and parches.
    You might want to consider a bit of "self reward" for not smoking, maybe buy yourself a motorcylce or mountain bike, (if possible) and take up a new activity when you get really involved in another activity, it will help you to stop! cheers and good luck mate!

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    I quit cold turkey. I got to the place where I really wanted to stop. Just think about how badly you smell when you smoke. Also consider the health impact. You owe it to yourself to quit. Why be some big industry's bitch, an industry that would gladly take your organs and sell them while you're still alive. That's basically what they're doing. You can stand up to them and tell them to go to hell, by taking that pack, crushing it and throwing it into the trash. That's what I did, and I never had another cigarette. To hell with the life stealers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wittlekidd View Post
    You might want to consider a bit of "self reward" for not smoking, maybe buy yourself a motorcylce or mountain bike, (if possible) and take up a new activity when you get really involved in another activity, it will help you to stop! cheers and good luck mate!
    I personally think the best rewed for not smoking ____ amount of time is smoking. Wait, what.

    But seriously if a person really, really wants to quit they WILL quit. Dogboy's success story proves quitting cold turkey is possible also you might just be a asshole while your in withdraw but thats what it may take. However, you do realize you can be a asshole while within withdraw. So just think about your actions and attitude and ask yourself if that's really you, or just you being annoyed you can't get a nicotine fix.

    If you really want to quit watch this... If you don't want to quit then do NOT watch this.

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    Warning for picture, some of you might not like it, but I assure you I dont post it to make anyone feel sick, just to show how nasty it gets to smoke.

    This is how your lunges look after you been smoking for a while

    everytime you smoke you will die earlier, just a pack of cigarettes will make you die some day or days earlier, you can get cancer and other terrible diseases like KOL(where you have to go around with a tank of oxygen all the time) you will be able to work out longer or stay active when you havent smoked for a while.
    Basicly what you are doing is feeding your addiction thats what smoking is about, I mean its not like you get a nice high from it, you will feel sick and then you will want to feed that nasty addiction

    not only that but you will smell terrible(thats a huge reason why I have stopped smoking cigarettes!!)

    good luck kicking it, I know its hard but you will feel much better once your really clean, trust me your not going to regret it!!

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    Every time you smoke a cigarette, you lose 11 minutes of your life.

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    What about your family, friends and pets that have to inhale your smoke and smell your stinking breath? Would you want to be polluted all the time by your family, friends and pets?
    Clean your computer screen and be astounded of the dirt that comes off. So, if it is up there, what's inside you you think?

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    A complex question. If it were a simple question there would be simple answers, and few of them and a high initial success rate. I am quitting also.

    First, you have to truthfully answer whether you are a person of high willpower or low will-power. That will affect your approach. Now me, I use drugs, smoking cessation drugs; the wiki gives some facts. Smoking cessation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Remember that both the nicotine addiction and the smoking habit are powerful things to overcome, and either by itself is bad enough, but they are very powerful in combination. This means the drugs that counter the nicotine side are also powerful: they are serious psychiatric medications and should be respected as such.

    I can not say how they will affect you; my chemistry is highly atypical anyway and I am not a reliable case to go by in specifics. I can say that however you are affected may be powerful, and unpleasant; on the other hand the idea that "I have to suffer these nasty effects until I have actually quit" can be a strong incentive.

    I used Zyban and it failed; its effect of suppressing the smoking urge was dramatic but short-lived, it quit having any kind of effect I could notice soon after. When it did have effects they were somewhat stimulant-like.

    did work. Its effect on me is more like slowing one down, reducing the urge in the same way being over-tired mentally makes one say one can't be bothered; like after a long bout of paper-writing one doesn't want to do another bout of the same. (I put all that to distinguish the sort of fatigue: not outright sleepiness or muscle-weariness in me.)

    On champix one CONTINUES TO SMOKE a week or two, then progressively cuts down and ceases altogether at one's quit date. This way you can replace smoking with not smoking as a new habit or behavior.

    In my case I got past the nicotine addiction quickly and easily; the habit is waaay harder. The first thing I did was stick to smoking outside. My associated behavior - where "I gotta be smoking while I am doing this" - is chatting online. I can not chat outside where my computer isn't, so I only smoke when I really feel the urge; not smoking just because they're there. Our recent cold spell helped too; -30 standing in the wind with nose running and eyeballs drying and fingers freezing...

    Now your quitting should be based around your reasons to do so, not only all 25 good reasons, but the ones that resonate with you. You are dating a Mormon and no marriage (and no numnums) until you have quit for sure? You get to spend time with the emphysema patients or maybe one or two who lost their larynx to throat cancer? No? maybe you should, if that'll scare you straight.

    I have several motivations, like wanting no burns in my good furniture, and especially no burn holes in my padding (vinyl is very bad for getting micro-holes from sparks or cherries, and surprising you with mysterious leaks) and doubly especially no cigarette cherries smoldering WITHIN my padding (guess who wears cloth) near my sensitive bits --- but my driving motivation is financial, and I am guessing yours is too.

    So cutting back even one a day is worth it; with the rationalization that you don't have to quit, just cut down, you can pick away at all the places and times you would normally smoke; and make increasingly longer gaps between smokes until you say have one after each meal: 3 a day; it isn't so hard to look forward to a smoke if you know it is coming later and just have to fritter a couple of hours, than face the yawning chasm of never-again.

    I also smoke half-a-smoke if I can and so double how long a pack lasts. Warning: these half a smokes are smelly and will pollute you if you carry them in a pocket, even in a pack.

    I tried switching to a pipe; this may work for you; there are "beginner tobaccos" that might work.

    If you smoke at work in breaks have your boss let you take your break 15 min before everyone else so or plain work through your breaks so as not to be around the other addicts when they fix.

    If there is a place or person that sells singles then buy only singles. I did this, at an independent grocer a mile down the road; so I had to walk a mile every time I wanted a smoke and wait til they opened the next day if it was after 9. I went mad of course but cut down to 2 a day. (Then the government, in its wisdom made the selling of singles illegal and clamped down hard, and dried up my connections. This was based on the idea kids were buying singles but couldn't afford a whole pack.

    Right then; you have your own habits, quitting motivations balance between habit/nicotine addiction, and all sorts of variables different to mine; good luck. Hopefully you will be able to use some ideas in the thread.

    There's a whole social side to behavior modification, which is what we are talking about; supportive peers can help a lot; join a smoking cessation group; there's a ton of possibilities on that side of the equation. I am sure you know all about feeding your own oral fixation with gum, soothers, suckers, hard candy or even fake porcelain cigarettes.

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