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Thread: So today I just got extremely lucky.

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    Default So today I just got extremely lucky.

    Today my grandma was supposed to drive me to school at 7:15. I waited around until 7:45, and nothing happened. School starts at 8, so I got really worried, thinking I would have to go to school AND I would be late. At around 7:45 she called me, saying she overslept due to daylight savings. With some quick thinking however, I convinced both her and my mom to let me stay home, because going in late without a reason would be a saturday school (a punishment system at my school-- come in for 4 hours on saturday).

    So I was wondering, how do you guys think I should spend this incredibly awesome, magical day?

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    Can't your parents just write an excuse note? You could always get away with being late at my school with a note from your parents ^^.

    I had kind of the reverse once. It was a week where they where two snow days and I was sick two other days. When I arrived to school on Friday I notice the school looks very empty... I go to the secretary's office where she tells me that Friday was a day off for students that week, so I ended up not going to school at all that week

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    Isn't it obvious? Diaper up! If you don't have those, well, just play video games and watch cartoons.

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