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Thread: My story: How I learned to worry and love the stuff

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    Default My story: How I learned to worry and love the stuff

    Sorry about the title. I just had to o.o

    if you're not interested in hearing it well I am going to say from the beginning what it's about. Recently I finally dared to ignore people and stuff and go buy diapers...sortof! it's a bit long however...i'll try to make it short.

    So. I stufy. I go to college and since it's so close to my home I go back home. Sometimes I need to take a bus, but sometimes my own mother (who also attends the college) can drive me there and back home. that day was one of those days where i could go back with her. However it was also day for an exam of mine. Exams usually mean you do them and when you do classes are over and you can leave earlier. My original plan on acquiring them was like this:

    There is a nearby supermarket near college. Inside the market, a pharmacy. My plan was the following: finish the exam, and since my mother would be still in classes, take the hour or so extra of hers into go there, buy some stuff from the supermarket and on the way out of it, stop by the pharmacy and buy the diapers! Since this pharmacy was on the way out of the market, it was the quickest thing to do.

    So i finished my exam. And first thing I see she's waiting there outside...she had an exam too and had finished earlier. But not discouraged i asked her if we could drop by the supermarket. Luckily she didn't come down with me (otherwise I wouldn't have dared). I roamed there for a bit. got chocolate and some ice cream cuz' I needed a bag and went to pay for them. On the way out...the pharmacy guys told me they didn't have any diapers but that I'd have to buy from the supermarket back to the aisles and back to a LONG line where I stood with nothing but the bag of diapers in my hand...due to the hurry i picked the first ones I make things more embarrassing for my first time I noticed that the money was counted for those I had seen in the pharmacy earlier and I had to take out some money from my pocket, making me stand in the line longer than usual.

    Finally though I got them (by the way on the way out I saw a package of diapers in the corner of the pharmacy) and, hidden inside the bag, i went to the car. My mother didn't ask. Knowing her she thinks I bought condoms or something, which actually I much prefer her thinking that than what I really bought!

    Now. I finally had a 10 pack of...not diapers! In my hurry I had bought something more like...well a friend I showed them to thought they looked like period pads XD but I am sure they are not. the bag reads 'Incontinence underwear' so they are pull-ups, not diapers with some sort of frilly large thing on the top and on the edges too o.o They came in a pack of 10 ^^

    Now it doesn't end here...7 to 8 pm I have classes of something else. I went there with 1 of those instead of normal underwear! back home...I decided i wanted to try how it'd be to...err...wet one so I did in my bathroom. I will not elaborate more on this one other than the fact that It was around 12 mn by that the garbage cans in my house that go straight to the garbage bags are outside...and the door when ti opens makes a helluva noise...I ended up hiding the thing inside my own room! now, with more time (and light) i disposed of it properly the following morning.Before that however I tried many other garbage cans inside the house but changed them lcoation thrice or so. Also, due to curiosity as well I wore the remaining 9 of them

    At the same time.


    So i enjoyed the very thick thingy for a bit. 9 of them. However since they where slightly tight I decided against sleeping overnight with all of them. I hid them and slept with just 2! (because the frill part was slightly marked on my skin) and red too around the hips. I still loved it. I am still wearing those too ^^

    Now...I have a lil' bit of i too paranoid that I spent from 12 midnight to 3 am looking where to hide the diapers? o.o it's...not bad if I keep using the same ones (without wetting) because i don't think id' ever dare to go back to the market again? Did I choose ok on not wearing the 9 of them at night? XD

    I know it was long and all...and stuff...also please don't laugh at me...o.o
    Oh! just found a picture of it.
    Sorry about the long annoying post and all...^^;;

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    The first time I bought diapers I got those also, I wasn't sure what to get, and they do suck, I couldn't wet the first time so I filled it with the sink sprayer.

    and yes you spent waaaay to much time trying to hide them relax, and yes you can wear them a few times if you wish, but they will get dirty after a bit.

    Yes save them for a while and use them up, now that you bought once the next time won't be so bad, just enjoy yourself that what it's all about.

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    The first time is always the most nerve wracking, but you get used to it pretty fast.

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    hehe yeah I think I...stressed myself a bit too much for something that was supposed to be relaxing...however you gotta admit that the pharmacy not selling them was a bit silly. woulda made things a ton easier for me. If...there is a next time I'll definitely take my time and make sure I get actual diapers though! here where I live however the only ones available are Tena ones i think tho.

    thanks for the replies ^^

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    Don't spend too much time stressing. It shouldn't take too long, and while your doing it, it should be the most relaxed you can possibly be

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    Diapers are suppose to be fun, that is why we do it, if your getting all stressed out it just takes all the fun out of it.

    Yesterday I needed diapers so I went to wally world, threw the diapers in the cart, and got a few more things I needed and left.

    If I got all hot and bothered over buying, I wouldn't do it anymore, it is just not worth worrying about, have fun enjoy yourself.

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    Is this the wrong area for this story? Maybe finished stories? I wouldn't have said this but I need to be de lurkered.

    Under your bed or in your closet is actually a good TEMPORARY and ONLY temporary hiding spot.

    Edit: Lolpeach.

    Not when I'm a lurker I don't, I have to edit all the time to please people that like to be offended.
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