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Thread: So im a what?

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    Default So im a what?

    Well i've browsed this section a couple times and seen responses to people wondering what makes a furry that "you're only a furry if you consider yourself one". I have always like animals and I do find some furry art cute, so I guess I would say im a furry (unless there's more to it than that).

    So that leaves me wondering now what? Do I have to have a fursona or a fursuit and all that? Any good sites or articles to read?

    I don't really know much about it so i'd appreciate any help you guys can give.

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    You don't need a fursona or fursuit. It took me a few years to decide on a fursona and I don't have a fursuit.

    Ideas: Draw stuff, write stories, read stories, role play, conventions (never been to a furry con myself).... I dunno what else. I wish I knew some more furry activities myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm a furry but wouldn't even know it when I don't do anything furry-related for a while.

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    Having a fursona is the point in being a furry. >_>
    Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't consider anyone a furry if he/she doesn't have a fursona.

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    I've had thoughts of being a furry but I've never gone to the point of actually being one... I believe if I was one my fursona would probably either be a wolf fox or otter, I know wolf and fox are kinda like the MAIN fursona but I dunno why I just feel those plus otter would best fit me... although I've most thought about otter, so I guess I would be that and not a wolf or fox

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    I don't get why some people feel the "need" to be a furry. Can't you be satisfied with being an AB/DL? Why do you want to be a furry? Why do you consider yourself a furry if you don't even know how it works?

    I've started out about the same way, though, but instead of directly asking people what a furry is, how to be a furry, etcetera, I frequented furry forums, observed other furries and stuff like that.

    I wouldn't consider myself a furry if I was limited to ADISC.

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    I dunno. I guess they want to broaden their interests or something. I had furry interests before I even knew furries existed (kinda the same as not knowing other DLs existed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    I dunno. I guess they want to broaden their interests or something. I had furry interests before I even knew furries existed (kinda the same as not knowing other DLs existed)
    I can understand, though I consider furry fandom more than an interest.

    For instance, I RP as a babyfur, I fantasize about babyfurs, I even fap to babyfurs (or diaperfurs, adults seem more fit in this kind of stuff). :P
    So I can safely consider myself both a furry, an infantilist and a diaper lover.

    But when I see people who just say "okay, I'm a furry, what do I do?", I just don't understand what are their point in wanting to be a furry, or considering themselves one.

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    Yep, I know what you mean. It's more than a casual interest to some of us.
    All I can say though is that they want to try something new to see if they like it.

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    I mean for me that shit kinda fell right into place. I didn't need to ask questions I just did whatever I thought I should.

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