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Thread: death of my velcro cloth diaper

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    Default death of my velcro cloth diaper

    a few months back i got a velcro cloth AIO diaper from ABU and it worked ok but sure enuff the velcro stopped working good and thats when started to be a pain in the ass. so last night wore it and decided to finally put it to the test. i wore it all night and had wet it once or twice before bed and one more time before i fell asleep, when i woke up i had to pee badly and just let loose and soaked it from front to back, but then my noticed my sheets were wet after.

    i got up and eventually got out of the now soaked diaper and decided to wash it. when i took it out to hang dry i noticed a big tear on one of the flaps with the velcro and its a decent sized tear which now i figure is why my sheet was soaked. i am now probably gonna throw it out because a hole in the palstic is un fixable. while i like the feel of cloth diapers. the drying time takes way too long. im probably gonna stick to just abenas now. unless somebody knows a good site for getting cloth diapers. maybe ill take a chance on them again sometime down the road.

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    Well, I have a couple of these, which work quite well, and are very high quality. Separating the soaker and the fitment radically decreases the drying time of both. They do ship outside the UK.

    Alternatively, there's KINS or LeakMaster. LeakMaster is pretty heavy-duty, but alas, does take a long time to dry.
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    thanks, the kins site seems to have a few things i might try when i get the money. i dont want to have to deal with pins or velcro, so some of the pull on stuff they have seems decent. btw im wearing my velcro diaper tonight for the last time and im puttin it good use then im throwing it out. maybe in a month or two i will order from kins.

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    Why dont you keep it and use a pair of plastic pants over them ?
    That will keep them from leaking.
    Just an idea

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    its too late, but theres no way even plastic pants would help, cuz of the whoole. i thrw them out this morning but i made sure to soak them heavily, so much so that they started to leak into the plastic pants, and i messed in them to one last time. now theyre gone.

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    Same thing happened to mine, got mine from abu too and after like about 7-10 washes it was ripped. I just took the plastic outer shell off and use just the diaper part with regular plastic pants. That has worked for me, though next time I think that I am just going to get a normal cloth diaper without the plastic attached.

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    Honestly, this is exactly why I recommend against AIOs. Traditional flat cloth diapers that you layer and fold and wear with plastic pants wash and dry so much more easily and are so much more durable than most AIOs.

    Before you give up on cloth, try a more traditional setup. It doesn't take that much longer to put on even a thick layered folded cloth diaper, and they work and last quite well if you take care of them.

    Sorry to hear of your bad luck with the AIO though.

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    I just purchased a couple cloth velcro diapers from ABU recently. I decided against getting the plastic cover for those very reasons: the cracking, the longer drying times... The velcro will eventually wear out, but it's pretty "sticky" still. Plus, for as thick as they are, the price isn't terrible.

    I would look around on eBay for some plastic pants. I got two pairs custom made with a very cute Care Bear print on them for a fair price. I love disposables, but I highly recommend giving cloth another try; I'm a convert.

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