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Thread: Cloth inside disposable diaper?

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    Default Cloth inside disposable diaper?

    I'm wondering if anyone tried this before- you put a piece of cloth in the padding of a disposable to increase is bulk/absorbabilty. Does it work?

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    Ya and it not the best. 1 you have a cloth insert you have to wash and a disposable you have to toss.

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    Well - I certainly have not tried it this way... just sounds like a decent methode of making diapering and changing a bit of an unnecessary hassle.

    Absorbency wouldn't really be increased to a usable point - as most cloth fabrics will soak stuff up but do not "bind" it the same way a superabsorber would... so whilst temporarily it might "increase" the absorbant capabilities of the diaper the first moment pressure gets put on in any way the cloth would release the soaked up liquid and the SAP would soak it up and as soon as the disposable would be fully saturated the cloth would more act like a sponge and thus help the diaper to become leaky quickly.
    Besides this - then you have a disposable diaper to throw away AND a cloth insert to Wash - not the most economic & ecological ideas i'd say.

    The other way around can work quite well - cloth outer diaper (with plastic pants or All-In-One Diaper) and a non-backed soaker pad as an added level of absorbency and to keep you feeling more "dry" (that is what I hate about any cloth diaper - once wet they make you feel VERY wet...).
    You still have the ecological issue of having to throw away something AND wash something... but at least the diaper is more effective.

    if you want a disposable diaper - why not just stuff it with pretty normal disposable booster pads?
    that does work quite well for both of your intended goals (bulk & more absorb.)

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    yeh when i saw the title i thought it menat cloth diaper, but like the last poster said a disposable diaper inside a cloth diaper works awsome. ive done it before, its quite bulky, but it holds a bunch.

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    It certainly will increase bulk and capacity but cloth diapers function differently than disposables and the wetness will be kept closer to your skin in a diaper where presumably you're attempting to extend wear. If a wetter feeling with that bulk is what you're going for, then it will get the job done. As others have suggested, there are probably better ways to deal with the matter if it's simply a practical one.

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