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    Can I fit in baby diapers? Really would like to try and wear Huggies or Pampers diapers. I'm size 32 in waist. Can I fit in size 7? I really don't care for Goodnites and underjams are comfortable but they rip to easily. Tried to look this up but couldn't find an answer thanks.

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    It would be quite a tight fight for the baby diapers. I'd just head for adult diapers. They're better fitting for you. But you could definitely try

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    It would be a very tight fit and they will fit very low on you. You would want the very largest size. I'm a 32 and I've worn the largest Huggies, but they were small and tight. They won't hold very much either, so be careful.

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    In short, no. If Goodnites and Underjams are ripping for you, the Pampers size 7 tabs will not stay on you.

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    My incontinent little brother sometimes wears baby diapers, i can fit in them but their really tight and dont hold much, so just go for adult diapers, its really not worth it. Good for stuffers though :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    It's also not just a matter of waist size but height .

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    They'll fit in the sense that you can get into them but they'll ride low, be uncomfortable and won't hold a full adult bladder. IMO just get adult diapers like Bambinos.

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    With some modifications it should be possible to wear them, but they won't fit well to your body and will almost certainly leak if you flood/wet in any position other than standing up. Also the panels with the tapes will probably cut into your waist. I normally wear pants/boxers with waistbands and it isn't that much worse than tieing something too tight, unless you stay in them for a long time and try to do stuff.

    I used to like baby diapers alot, for the smell and the prints but actual adult diapers are way more satisfying. Even depends max which you can find in a good deal of drug stores will make a world of difference once you get ok at taping them up, which takes maybe 2-3 times of messing up.

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    I wouldn't say fit, but you can get "into" them. I wear size 6's, im about 32" waist too. If you can get size 7's even better, sadly they don't sell them in England.

    You can use staples to strengthen the "wing" parts of the diaper to stop it ripping, if your able to do that then they stay on fine

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