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Thread: So Excited!!!!!

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    Talking So Excited!!!!!

    Iv just been out shopping with my mum. We were in a big "boots" pharmacy, and i spotted depends!
    I'm going to have to buy some, the only diapers im used to are goodnite small
    But, the shop is at the most inconvenient distance, its close enough that i'm likely to see someone i know there, and far enough away that it is a long cycle...and it's ALL up hill...

    Yeah, but, i get payed today, so I'm hoping to go up at some point during my summer holidays (starting 4th july) when at least one of my parents are out - hopefully mum - because my dad works from home, so hes too busy to notice me hiding diapers lol. But my mum is a nightmare! She is so suspicious of me when I get back from buying diapers, it's like she can sense I've done something and I'm hiding it.

    But I just wanted to share that with y'all :P

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    Congrats! and good find. Depends in boots, I'll have to have a look out myself

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    I have seen them before and thought about getting them but im just wondering are depends only pullups? because I have tried those kind of adult pullups and I think they suck lol.

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    Yes, unfortunatly. I really wanted tapes

    Another good thing...I went to the toilet in the same shop, and there are free babies diapers just sitting there. Obviously, go into a toilet with "changing facilities". The gents in this store just happened to have them :P

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    I've head about that, but at my local tesco's the baby changing toilets are kept locked.

    ...not that I was trying to enter or anything...

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    I have noticed the depends range cropping up in Tescos as well, i dont know how good they are, when i look they looked like a similar sort of design as the Tena pull up range. From experience i found them to be OK, but they didnt hold that many wettings.

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