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Thread: Abena X-Pluses still any good?

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    Default Abena X-Pluses still any good?

    I've been thinking of buying some more diapers over the web sometime in the near future, however I'm stuck between Bambinos' (the Teddy ones were GREAT. Very cute, thick, pretty absorbent, ridiculously babyish etc. etc. ))) and Abena X-Pluses. I'm a size medium, and might order a box of 14 medium abena x-pluses for ~20$ at xpmedical. 3 questions

    1. Is 20$ a good deal in y'alls experience for 14 abena xpluses?
    2. any issues with abena's lately?
    3. can I do better than this in terms of comfort/thickness (other than bambino obviously)

    Thx for your responses

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    I liked them, and still like them.
    I got a pack a few months ago and thought they were amazing.
    Then I got a pack of Bambinos and didn't enjoy them as much as Abenas.

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    They're awesome. Get them and be happy The Molicares are nice too, but I prefer Abena over Molicare. Softer plastic, better looking, nice feeling with the padding, and wonderful tapes.

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    Abena X-Pluses ceased to exist about a year ago. The M-series that replaced them are a great product, better than any I've tried except the late Abena X-Plus. Yes 24/7s are thicker and hold more but are not as comfortable.

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    if u havent tried abena x plus then, yeah try them, it didnt take me long to start ordering cases of them

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    M4's (the new x-pluses) are awesome - though they definitely don't work from a visual perspective. But for comfort + absorbency, you can't really beat 'em. And yeah, $20 for 14 in medium is about par for the course.

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    the abena M4's are very good for comfort and absorbency although they are a bit bulky for daytime use, they are great for nighttime use. if you are looking for something thats almost as good but slightly cheaper per unit the abena M3's make a good daytime diaper as they are thinner then the m4's but still absorbent and cost a bit less giving you more per pack.

    if you want something thats thick and a good nighttime diaper the m4 is the way to go. if you order from xp medical and plan on using frequently order a case for free shipping. as far as cost WBDaddy has it right 20 for 14 of the m4's is average, the m3's cost a little less at ~$1 per unit. the only diaper i know of thats more absorbent is the dry 24/7 but its more expensive and i cant say on the comfort level. whichever you buy I hope you are happy with the purchase.

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    Abena m4's aren't attractive, but swell deliciously. I switch between them and teddys/Biancos primarily.

    (Enjoying a molicare super as I type this at the pub now though : )

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    The m4s are nice, the dry 24/7 is a beast in absorbency. They run sorta big, I wish xp med would sell the small dry 24.7.

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    You cannot go wrong with the X-Plus or M4 as it is known now. I order these constantly & are the best nappies out there. I would seriously suggest you order some

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