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Thread: Using a wireless internet service

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    Default Using a wireless internet service

    Hi. I'm going away soon for a holiday, and hope to use the hotels wireless internet connection to keep checking on here. Will the hotel/other users of the connection be able to find out that I have been on this site?


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    I wouldn't imagine so, since it's for public use. However, if they were ever inclined to check I don't see what it matters anyway. You spend a relatively small time staying in a hotel, so when (if) they do find out, you'll be long gone.


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    Any place where you jump onto Wifi will have a record of everywhere you have been. But they aren't going to know that it is your computer or you logged on unless they really do some digging.

    You aren't looking up kiddie-pr0n... this isn't some super secret adult only site. There's no reason for it to attract any more attention than any other website would.

    Don't be paranoid... enjoy your vacation... log on when you want to... nothing is going to happen.

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    Other users or in this case hackers can find out. What hackers do is they "sniff" the packets going from your computer to the wireless internet base. But really when people do that they are looking for credit card numbers. They also may just be trying to break into the network themselves.

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    I would say just enjoy your vacation and leave your laptop at home. However, if you ever feel so inclined to bring it don't worry. I am sure a plenty of other visitors to that hotel use it for porn rather than paying for the hotel's TV service :P. So this website won't seem that out of the ordinary if it logged.

    You could always setup an encrypted Proxy at home and connect through that. So they can't see anything you are looking at. This won't seem suspicious since this is a common practice among business people conecting to their emails etc.. However, this is far a little far fetched.

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    I wouldnt worry about it really, they wont be able to tell its YOUR laptop logging onto this website and even if they do, what are they going to say? They will probably just shrug there shoulders and move on, but most of all ENJOY your holiday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    I wouldnt worry about it really, they wont be able to tell its YOUR laptop logging onto this website and even if they do, what are they going to say? They will probably just shrug there shoulders and move on, but most of all ENJOY your holiday!
    i was going to say this, but I didn't want to worry you. They can tell if it is the same machine being logged in by MAC addresses. think of it like a License plate or a Radio Call sign. However there is no governing body that has a database of which MAC address belongs to who. Its just to help the computers talk to each other better. And its not illegal to spoof your MAC address either, unless you try to do it in such away that breaks other laws e.g. gaining unathorised access mainly with pay systems.

    But As I have said Tom. Don't worry.

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    I wouldn't worry either. When my mom caught me with my stash, she made it a point (rather nasty point) that she had a friend who worked in a motel. They had constant problem changing dirty sheets from all of the infantilists who purposely wet them, haha. So I think as long as you don't leave a mess, the staff will consider themselves on the plus side of things. I can't imagine anyone bothering with something as tame as this site.

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    Thanks guys. I won't worry about it then, to be honest I may decide to not even take my laptop, but I thought it could be a good idea to keep my little bro ammused on dvds on the flight, bonus that it could offer access to this site. I mean, how could I live without you guys for 2 weeks? lol

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    Some hotels have small access points for every room. So if you were to bring your computer, you would see a bunch of SSIDs, probably with the room number. They then would give you a WPA password so you can connect to your access point.

    The hotel's servers would hand out individual local IPs to the access point (which would give a second local IP from the access point.)

    So, it is possible to see what you are browsing and they can look at all the traffic going in and out. It's alright though, this is probably just to cover their asses incase some goof decided to do some illegal downloading on their internet connection. I wouldn't worry about anything .

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