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    I was planning on traveling to meet a fellow ABDL friend next weekend. We are so excited to see each other and it would be my first time playing with someone in real life. Very excited about it.

    Anyways, one hitch in the plan: I just realized that I usually get my period the days I will be visiting. And I've pretty "regular" lately, so I can pretty much count on it happening then. This may not be a big deal to most people, but this friend I plan on meeting gets nauseous with just the thought or talk of a period. So playing would be totally out on my end with him.

    Now I anticipate my options would be to either postpone meeting him (going the week after), meeting him and just hope it ends up being late, or not going at all. The only nice thing about next weekend is that his roommate will be out of town, so privacy will abundant. Whereas, if I went the weekend after, we have to work around his roommate.

    Sorry this is text heavy, but I was wondering if anybody has experienced this issue and has any insight? Or possibly any methods that have worked with inducing a period, so that it comes earlier than it is supposed to. I was looking up some stuff online and some have said like papaya juice, pineapple, taking a bath, exercising, ab. exercises, vitamin C, etc. Anybody have any real experience with this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    A quick google search revealed no reliable medical information on hastening your period. There are plenty of uncontrolled, anecdotal reports, along with a handful of pseudoscientific material, neither of which should be trusted.(1) Nor have I ever heard anything about hastening one's period up until now.

    I take it the chief issue is that you're afraid he'll see blood in your diaper and get grossed out. I'm not clear on what "play" for you two is going to involve, but assuming it doesn't involve him going inside your vagina in some capacity, I don't see why wearing a tampon won't remedy the situation. Or, if you think merely seeing the string will bother him, opt for a disposable menstrual cup like the Soft Cup. If you are planning on, *ahem*, "vaginal adventures" of some sort, you could douche before hand, although that isn't the healthiest thing for you.

    (1) I can't stress this enough. With this sort of thing, one really has no idea whether the method in question is "inducing" one's period from individual reports, since you really have no way of knowing whether it would have arrived early anyway. The only real way to verify that some method or other can hasten a period would be a meta-level study on a number of highly controlled studies of women's periods. The danger of listening to anecdotal reports is that mega-doses of vitamins or excessive exercise or taking strange substances can have serious repercussions.

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    If you took the birth control pill, would that stop it all together, or would you have to be on it for several months?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    If you took the birth control pill, would that stop it all together, or would you have to be on it for several months?
    Depends on which pill, way I understand it.

    FWIW, there are literally dozens of "birth control pills" out there.

    If I had to venture a guess, I'd say Yaz would be the most immediate of the "period killers" out there.


    Please note: The above is in no way intended to be considered medical advice. I am a transcriptionist, one who happens to do a LOT of OB/GYN-related dictations, so I pick up a LOT of peripheral knowledge from that interaction. I am not a doctor, and thus anything I say should be discussed with an ACTUAL doctor before acting upon it.

    In short, go see your OB/GYN and ask him/her about whether a given birth control pill could stop your period for you.

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    A quick google search suggests your doctor may be able to help by prescribing you something to take:

    There are two easy ways of doing this and the choice is partly a personal one, partly depends on the patient's state of health and partly on how long you have before your holiday.
    One method is to start taking the oral contraceptive pill, provided there are no reasons why you should not take it. You need to start at least one cycle before the one you want to miss. At the end of the first pack, instead of stopping and having a period, you just carry on and stop when you get back from holiday. You don't need to complete the second pack.

    Another method which can be used up to a week or ten days before the period that you want to postpone is due (but the earlier the better) is to take a progestogen such as Norethisterone. This needs to be taken three times a day continuously until after you return from holiday, and can then be stopped. A period usually follows about 48 hours later. This method can be used if for medical or other reasons the contraceptive pill is not suitable.

    Source = I want to stop my period while I am on holiday
    The only other thing I could suggest would be, as slim suggested, to wear tampons or something else worn internally (a moon cup etc) - that way when you play all your friend will see is a little string poking out (or in the case of a moon cup etc, nothing at all) and he won't have to deal with seeing any blood. You can take care of the tampons as necessary without him having to see anything that will gross him out. Obviously though if you are planning on being intimate beyond diaper-changes then this won't be a viable option.

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    Ayyeeeeee, I should not have read this D: I should have stopped at "Inducing Period"...Damn curiosity :P But seriously I have to leave this thread before my head explodes. Chreers

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    I posed this question to my wife, who is trained as a midwife and very knowledgable in this area. She mentioned that while there are herb combinations that could work, they are likely dangerous especially without knowing important details like body weight, blood pressure, etc. She said you are really almost too late here but your best bet is that if you take Plan B (emergency contraception) immediatly, it will most likely induce your period now. It's not 100% certain that it will work but there is a very good chance. I believe that it is available over the counter in many places now but I'm not positive and like all medical advice you receive online, I would caution you to do your own research and not only rely on the advice of strangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
    I was looking up some stuff online and some have said like papaya juice, pineapple, taking a bath, exercising, ab. exercises, vitamin C, etc. Anybody have any real experience with this?
    Also, my wife said that none of the methods that you listed there will work at all.

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    I did type out a wonderful, long paragraph for you to read which finished with "... but I've been told it's really unhealthy for you, so please don't try it!" when I realised it probably shouldn't be posted if I need to end it like that

    Honestly, why not just postpone?

    Or wear a tampon and coil the string up so there's only a tiny weeny bit noticeable?

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    I actually have a Nuva Ring and wear it for a month at a time so I can bypass the whole thing all together. It's due to medical reasons though and I am not a doctor. Nor will I say it's a good idea to do so for most people. All I can say is be safe and healthy and have fun. <3

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    Thanks all for your input! It ends up I'm not going to meet up with him this weekend due to some outside factors, mixed in with the ones I've already discussed. Will hopefully be meeting up in a couple of weeks.

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