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Thread: What direction should I point my girlfriend in, as far as learning about DL

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    Default What direction should I point my girlfriend in, as far as learning about DL

    I recently told my girlfriend about my DL side and she was very open about it (even admitting she has a similar passion for pads) we even wore diapers and had sex in them which was extremely enjoyable,

    I want to help her understand the fetish, do you recommend any websites for her to look at (aside from adisc) I was thinking something a little more visual, as well as adisc, I guess I want her to see that other normal people participate in diaper related activities..I am afraid of her thinking i'm the only one.

    Any help or thoughts much appreciated

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    This looks informative. There's links in the words towards the bottom of the page for it too. Hope this helps

    Understanding Infantilism

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    cheers man,

    sweet looking car, they are known as a 180sx here in New Zealand, what are they over in the states?
    CA18 engine?

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    I have aslo been wondering the same sort of thing, also for my knowledge of how to try to make diapers a sex appeal for my fiancee. She hasn't expressed interest in diapers but she has said she is interested if they can be introduced in a sexually appealing way. Im not quite sure how to do that though, or really how to start, so I have tried starting slowly, mostly talking about my interest in them. I am also a diaper lover, I think I might start by showing her that site, please let us know any ideas anyone has.

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