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Thread: Remembering happier times?

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    Default Remembering happier times?

    A year ago, my grandparents passed away. Now these were the people that'd raised me since birth, so while it was ripping my heart to shreds, I still had to go about business and organize their home so I could figure out what to keep and what to sell or donate. While I was clearing it out, I kept coming across my baby pictures and toys that I'd played with and my old blankets and clearly, those were on the keep list!!! However, in a box in the bedroom I came across a bunch of my clothes from when I was a baby. My plan is to take those little outfits and make patterns so I can recreate my old baby clothes. I'm very excited about this as I hope it'll help me not only feel more "little" but also to help me bring back so many happy memories of being with the two people that cared the most for me.

    So how about you guys? Do you want recreations of your old baby outfits or more modernized ones? Or has your style completely changed? I know most of my stuff was frilly and pink and homemade. I have not changed one bit!!!!

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    Firstly, *hugs*. Sorry for your loss. My great-grandmother and grandmother had a pretty big hand in raising me (grandfather did, too, but he's still around), and it's hard to lose people who were so important to you in childhood--sort of shakes your whole world.

    That said, I don't remember too much of my baby/toddler clothes except that I wore a lot of overalls--Osh Kosh B'Gosh brand. Since Osh Kosh no longer makes adult-sized overalls (?!), I scoured Ebay last summer and found a few pairs in good used condition. Seeing those green clover buttons again made me smile. I also have memories of running around in onesies (yep, have some of those, too).

    Your project sounds like it will be fun--of course, this is coming from someone who likes to geek out in fabric stores . Have a good time with it, and you should post some pics of what you make.

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    I think my strongest clothing related memory is of an apron she made for me when I was about three. It was awesome, light blue and had my name written out across it in pink letters and rainbow crayons on it. I wore the heck out of that thing. I'll certainly take pictures as soon as I'm less nervous to post my crafts online! I just finished a blanket made out of the most cuddly stuff ever. I think as a side project I'm going to make another blanket, a quilt, out of their favorite shirts and my baby stuff.

    Also, those overalls are the best. I have no idea why they would stop making adult sized ones, they're great. Another thing, if you can only find kid sized ones, maybe transplant the buttons and embroider designs on them or iron on patches!!!

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    Oh wow! What a find! That is such a good idea! I know there must be some of my own baby clothes at the old home-place somewhere and that is a good idea. I'll have to try that!

    I am very sorry about your grand parents. I know how you feel. My mom passed away the end of last year and both my parents and grandparents are gone. All I have left are my siblings and cousins.

    The important thing though is to remember the happy times. An maybe the sad times... I would gladly accept even the sad times, I miss them so much.

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    I know what you mean. Even the sad times are happy times if you've got someone you love with you.

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