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Thread: New to everything, not just this site...alone too :(

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    Default New to everything, not just this site...alone too :(

    Hello all, My name is Ali, and I am new to everything having to do with this topic, not just the site. I met my soon to be ex husband when i was 17, and after I turned 18 I found out about ABDL stuff and it just clicked. Makes sense why and everything, but then again I also had found out about furries and I actually know ONE furry but thats through my ex and he doesnt talk to me anymore but anyways since Im the only one that is into this stuff in this entire county I kind of have no where else to turn. I just wanna find people into similar stuff to talk to me and find out more about it, different experiences n stuff....

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    Welcome! I think you'll find that you're not as alone as you think you are, and that we're glad to have you here! Tell us some more about yourself. What are some of your hobbies?

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    I draw, paint, sing, dance, do photography, and try to make animated shorts on the computer. Im in college right now for computer animation thats why I say try lol. I know Im not "alone in the world" when it comes to this stuff, but for the area I unfortunately live in Im afraid I am alone....

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    Welcome aboard, Ali! It's nice to meet you. You say you sing. What style of music do you enjoy singing the most? I'm trying to learn to do animation to get the crazy cartoons in my head out into something tangible. I had difficulty with it in the past so I have much respect for people who can actually do it and come out with a finished product.

    Glad you're here! =)

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    lol it is difficult, very difficult i know that for a fact lmao. I sing mostly whatever I can, from alanis morissette to kerli, and on occasion megan mccauley. Iv been told like 2times i sound like rihanna but i think they were tryin to be nice lol. XD

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    I think that's wonderful. I'm trying to learn to sing better. Still working on this head voice thing. Any advice?

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    Welcome Ali! And to the guy above asking advice about head voice: if you are a male it's not as commonly used, but I've heard the best way is to keep practicing resonating in the head cavity. I don't know how to explain that really, haha.

    And for Ali, what got you into animating shorts or animation in general?

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    Welcome as well. Though there may not be like kind in nowhere Ohio, we dominate here, so feel free to join in. We have a good time. I'm a musician and a singer as well. I used to sing using head tone when I sang alto in a men and boy choir. I find singing in full voice more rewarding. But as either a real alto or soprano, you just have to remember that you're using your false set of vocal chords. The same technique applies as singing in chest voice. Support the tone by singing with the body,not the throat. Relax and open the mouth as much as possible. Remember that you are singing on vowel sounds, so keep them pure. That will be $100.00.

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    Ironically, I'm a low baritone who finds singing in head voice more rewarding, but probably because I sing emotionally intense material where a desperate edge to the voice adds to the emotive quality of the performance.

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    *Hands Dogboy 100 dollars* I can reach higher pitches but in falsetto mostly but not a real breathy falsetto. I'm trying to make it connect to chest.

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